L.D. Easter Zekial “Zeke”

Jenalee Stevens
Marshfield, MO 65706


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Horse Details

Missouri Foxtrotter

Jenalee Stevens

Marshfield, MO








Trail horse deluxe, Gentle, Lopes, Side pass, Gaited, Hobbles, Cow horse, Family horse, Gunfire, Picks up rider, Takes dogs for ride, Picks up objects, Bareback, Bridleless, Parades


Zeke is a 14.2h, beautiful buckskin gelding. He is a registered, 4-year-old Missouri Foxtrotter. Since we raise our own horses, Zeke is named after my nephew. Zeke’s cover picture shows little handsome Zeke on big handsome Zeke!

PEDIGREE — Zeke is out of Southern Sunrises Hotshot, our herd sire. We chose Hotshot because he is our favorite son from the immortal Southern Sunrise. Hotshot has won the Top 5 Breeding Stallion Award for four years by the MFTHBA. Here is the attached award:
Southern Sunrises Hotshot Named Top 5 Breeding Sire
The MFTHBA congratulates Southern Sunrises Hotshot on being named a Top 5 MFTHBA Breeding Sire. Owned by Larry Stevens of Marshfield, Missouri, Southern Sunrises Hotshot is named a Top 5 Breeding Sire for the fourth time. Bred by Larry Stevens of Marshfield, Missouri, Southern Sunrises Hotshot is making his mark by being the sire of horses registered in the MFTHBA’s Pony Registry. Southern Sunrises Hotshot was sired by Southern Sunrise and out of Missouri’s Jealousee (by Missouri Traveler E).
The MFTHBA thanks Larry Stevens for his contributions to the future generations of Missouri Fox Trotters through his stallion Southern Sunrises Hotshot. Southern Sunrises Hotshot and Mr. Stevens will be formally recognized for this accomplishment at the 2023 MFTHBA World Show & Celebration.
The Breeding Sire of the Year award was established by the MFTHBA Membership Committee to recognize stallions providing a significant impact on the continuation of the breed. In addition, the award was designed to encourage foal registration in a timely manner, which helps the MFTHBA in its task to preserve the breed registry.
The criteria for the award are simple:
• All stallions who submit an on-time stallion breeding report are eligible.
• The 2022 Top Breeding Sires represent the stallions with the most foals born in 2022 and registered with the MFTHBA by December 31, 2022.

TEMPERAMENT — Zeke loves to please you! He will do anything you ask of him! He is smart and a fast learner! If he sees or hears you, he will come to greet you!

GAIT — Oh My Goodness! Zeke is so happy and not to mention so beautiful from his head to the tip of his tail when he’s gaiting! He has the most amazing, smooth gait and loves doing it. Getting him into his gait is easy, and he will stay in it until you cue him to do otherwise. He will gait smoothly with a bridle with a loose rein. Just take a look in his video at his natural, beautiful tail while gaiting! Zeke also has a nice lope that he enjoys. He will lope in both leads.

EXPERIENCE — Zeke was raised by us and started lightly by myself when he was two and a half years old. Zeke has been camping and trail-ridden extensively on our land and various other places in the Ozark Mountains, including Compton Hollow, Wilson Creek, Hot Springs National Forest, Pinecrest Horse Camp, and the James River, to name a few. Zeke has also been ridden in parades and at a motorcycle rally in downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas, in the rain! Zeke will load easily into a horse trailer and backs out gracefully and calmly. He has been desensitized to big dogs barking and running out at him (Zeke loves to give dog rides!), cattle, tarps, flags, children, guns, parades, lots of different kinds of traffic, i.e., dump trucks, 4-wheelers, semi-trucks, etc. Zeke will stand hobbled with no worries! He is quiet in a stall and is always good with other horses turned out in the pasture. He will side pass up to anything for mounting with just the wave of your hand. Zeke is soft and supple. He will move off of light leg pressure. He is quiet and trustworthy to ride out by himself (he has been ridden more alone) but does well with a group of horses too. He will be the same horse even with months off out in the pasture.

CONFIRMATION — Zeke has very strong, tough black feet. His feet are naturally durable! He has been ridden on rocky grounds around the Ozark Mountains. Zeke has the most beautiful tail carriage!……carrying it high and straight like he is showing off!

COLOR — Zeke has the most beautiful buckskin color year round. In the winter, he tends to get more buttermilk buckskin; in the summer season, he is more bronze buckskin color. His mane has natural frosted tips and natural lighter (reddish) highlights toward the bottom of his tail.


Winning Offer: $24,800.00

Jenalee Stevens
Marshfield, MO 65706

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