Thea and Trysten Park
Fort Collins, CO 80524


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Quarter/Draft X

Thea & Trysten Park

Fort Collins, CO






Star, 4 stockings, Tobiano

Trail horse, Packing, Pleasure, Family safe, Roping.



Introducing Vouvray, a striking black and white draft cross mare that’s a true trailblazer at heart. Standing at a solid 15.2 hands, this 7-year-old is not only super stocky but also brimming with a desire to work. She’s a mountain master and a town trooper, unfazed by the hustle of urban life. Vouvray is a hard worker with the stamina to match, ready to go all day long, whether pushing cattle or navigating rugged trails.

She’s as skilled as she is spirited, with a smooth walk, trot, and canter, plus a reliable stop and backup. She is perfecting her flying lead changes and spins and boasts a sharp rollback. Beyond her impressive work ethic and abilities, Vouvray’s sweet disposition shines through. She’s always the first to greet you at the gate, eager for the day’s adventures. With her strength, skill, and sweetness combination, Vouvray is sure to capture your heart and take the lead in any endeavor. 🐴💖Watch her video and meet her!!

Thea and Trysten Park
Fort Collins, CO 80524

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