R Squared Special Reserve “Cotton”

Cassie Rose
St Croix Falls, WI 54024


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Horse Details

Rocky Mountain Horse

Cassie Rose

St Croix Falls, WI



Chocolate/Silver Black




Blaze, LF/RH Sock, LH/RF Pastern

Stop, Backs, Trail Riding, Obstacle Course, Extreme trail, Driving, Desensitized, Arena Work, Skijoring, Gymkhana, Endurance, Ride In A Halter, Ride In A Snaffle Bit/ bosal, Direct Rein, Neck Reining, Mounting from ground and block , Spins/Pivots/shoulder in, Side Pass, Gaited Dressage, Cattle Sorting, Drill Team, Leads without pressure, Lowers head for bridle, Ties effortlessly, Respects Personal Space, Rides bridleless, Ground tie, Kid safe, Trail ride, Fire, Mounted shooting, Bull whips , Tricks, Show off to your friends, Bareback, Field trial, Liberty, 100% Natural Horsemanship/husbandry for the entirety of his life


R Squared Special Reserve, more affectionately known as “Cotton,”

Registered/Certified Rocky Mountain Horse Association Gelding.
Foal date:  9/10/09.
Color: Chocolate/Silver Black
Height: 14.3 + a half HH

Cotton is a STUNNING, SHOW-STOPPING, EYE-CATCHING, sweetheart kind of horse that is guaranteed to turn heads. It’s no surprise… He was born of multiple international grand champions on both sides! He is sticked at 14.3 HH plus a 1/2”. His color is chocolate, often called silver black- his mane stays WHITE! Unlike other silver horses that can often look almost black with age. He only has one silver gene and has been certified by DVM ophthalmologists with issue-free eyes! Cotton is the calmest, most level-headed family-type horse we have ever owned.  He is that ultra-rare horse who adapts to his rider’s ability, whether advanced or a beginner.  Cotton is so gentle and kind, with absolutely no vices. He is a seasoned horse with the experience to coast beginner or timid riders into a safe ride. Cotton also has all the training “buttons” to allow the advanced rider the potential to do anything in your performance horse dreams!

This is the horse that everyone is searching for. Cotton, first and foremost, is a trail horse extraordinaire with an ultra-smooth gait. ANYONE CAN FIGURE OUT.  He is a dual-purpose type horse that not everyone can find… He can cover some ground if you like to ride with gaited horses or walk as SLOW as you wish with QHs. Typically, he is most comfortable at a medium gait, low-headed, and not too fast. Ride bareback, English, western, trail obstacle, jumps, drives, ride double, sort cows (even that angry bull), heel or head and drag all the calves you need, side passes to gates, he will work so many jobs for you!  He’s happy to be in the front, middle, or back when out on trails.  He trailers beautifully (walking in the trailer himself and backing out), stands to mount quietly, and is perfect for the farrier, clipping, bathing, saddling, and bridling.  This horse is as bomb-proof as they get – perfect for the entire family to enjoy.  Not spooky – exposed to multi-use trail systems, wildlife, bicycles, joggers, cows, goats, sheep, dogs, and donkeys.  Cotton is a brave horse… goats up the steepest slopes, across water and bridges, over downed trees, and through the roughest terrain.  Traffic-sane and safe.  NO vices, ties, clips, and bathes, goes through all obstacles like a champ. Cotton is solid as a rock and an easy keeper. Laid back, super friendly, with a very easygoing personality.  Great with all horses turned out in the pasture.  Cotton is well worth the time spent to make him a great horse, not to mention your ultimate safety and satisfaction being able to do just about ANYTHING, not to mention a SHOWSTOPPER and SWEETHEART…

He’s perfect for that dressage enthusiast who wants a gaited ride that’s a no-brainer-trick to achieve. Also, the only true gaited specimen that can offer up a nice spring to the spine – you can truly feel that lift and drive into collection… naturally! He is the smoothest gaited horse we have trained in business for over 15 years and over 200 gaited horses.

Personality: Puppy dog, in your pocket, loves people, would be low/medium on the totem pole.  Cotton is also the type of horse you can put away for months and return to as the same horse you left! A comfortable horse in all environments, he appreciates short-term confinement in a stall but is largely maintained on pasture. He enjoys a high-quality cube forage with various age-appropriate supplements to ensure a long life and optimize performance!

Skills include:

-Walk, evenly timed four-beat gait/ambling saddle rack, Canter Under saddle and Over Obstacles
-Trail Ride (Cross Water, Logs, Etc.)
-Obstacle Course/extreme trail
-Arena Work
-Ride In A Halter
-Ride In A Snaffle Bit/Bosal
-Direct Rein
-Neck Reining
-Mounting from the ground and block
-Spins/Pivots/shoulder in
-Side Pass
-Gaited Dressage
-Cattle Sorting
-Drill Team
-Leads without pressure
-Lowers head for bridle
-Ties effortlessly
-Respects Personal Space
-Rides bridleless
⁃Ground tie
⁃Kid safe
⁃Trail ride
⁃Mounted shooting
⁃Bull whips
⁃Tricks – show off to your friends
⁃Field trial
-100% Natural Horsemanship/husbandry for the entirety of his life

Cotton is strongly GAITED, along with INTELLIGENCE, PERSONALITY, BRAVERY, BEAUTY & Smooth lines/great ELEGANCE.

Up to date on all vaccinations, de-worming, teeth floated, sheath cleaned, current coggins, and fresh trim.
*Please note that payment will be due the next business day after the auction ends via wire transfer to the seller.

Cassie Rose
St Croix Falls, WI 54024

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