Justin Riley
Loveland, CO 80537


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Horse Details

Arabian Cross

Justin Riley

Loveland, CO






Star, Strip, Snip, 3 Socks

Leisure, All-Around, 4-H, Lesson Program


Rusty’s journey from where he began to where he stands now is remarkable. His story speaks volumes about the resilience of animals and the transformative power of compassion. I’ve encountered many horses in my years of training, but Rusty stands out as a shining example of exceptional learning ability and adaptability.

What sets Rusty apart is not just his speed of learning but his profound willingness to please. This innate quality makes him a joy to work with, as he approaches every session with eagerness and curiosity. Whether meeting you at the gate or eagerly engaging in training exercises, Rusty’s enthusiasm is palpable.

Moreover, Rusty’s temperament is incredibly gentle and responsive. He requires little pressure to understand and execute movements, making him a dream to handle and ride. His gaits are effortless and incredibly smooth, promising hours of comfortable riding for his lucky companion.

Considering Rusty’s unique blend of talent and temperament, he would excel in various roles. Rusty would make an ideal all-around horse for intermediate or advanced youth involved in 4-H. Additionally, he would be a valuable asset to a lesson program catering to riders of similar skill levels, contributing to their growth and development.

Beyond structured riding environments, Rusty has also begun to showcase potential as a trail horse. Through desensitization exercises and practice with trail obstacles, he’s gradually embracing the challenges of outdoor riding, making him a versatile companion for leisurely trail rides.

In essence, Rusty’s journey of renewal has transformed him into a skilled and versatile equine partner. It is an inspiring testament to the resilience and potential for growth within all creatures. As he looks towards his next chapter in a loving forever home, Rusty promises to bring boundless joy and companionship to whoever is fortunate enough to welcome him into their life.


Justin Riley
Loveland, CO 80537

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