Justine Jackson
Durant, OK 74701


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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

Riding Free Equine

Durant, OK






Blaze, LH/RH/RF Fetlock

Smooth, Cowboy Mounted Shooting, Trail Deluxe, Bomb Proof, Babysitter, Lays on Command, Play Days


Esperanza is a pleasure to ride and be around. She doesn’t act mare-ish. It stands for the tack up or down and the mount or dismount as one should. Good for the farrier. Esperanza also lays down on command, takes the bit right from you and neck reins, stops on a dime, and walks off only when you ask. She’s very patient and easy to load in a trailer. She’s been to many places, even drive-thrus. She’s got that true butter-smooth gait and lope. She’s truly easy to ride, as shown in the video. We can even fly a drone with a remote while riding her! Very easy-going. Easy to catch in a pasture. Easy to bathe and brush. She’s that horse with the personality of a truly great partner. She’s a true lady and respects you. Wants to be in your pocket. She’s been ridden by different leveled riders ages seven and up, as shown in the video. She’s an absolute fearless trail queen. She’ll cross anything without hesitation and is sure-footed anywhere you ride, even walking up some steps in the video. She’s seen all there is to see on the trails and is barefoot. She has been across all kinds of terrain. wanna ride all day? She’s ready for anything you want to do! She’s selfless and wants to please her best friend. She’s amazing at mounted shooting as well. We’ve taken her to town, and she’s seen and heard all there. Ridden around trains and across bridges. She’s fazed by nothing. She even gets along fine with loud barking dogs. Esperanza is a safe, gentle, smooth, gaited mare with a heart for any adventure and talent for any activity. If she fits the description you’ve been looking for in a gaited horse, feel free to call us! As long as you’re good to her, she’ll be good to you ❤ as we’ve stated before, everyone is welcome to meet and try Esperanza.
Thank you from Riding Free Equine.
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Justine Jackson
Durant, OK 74701

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