Western Spirit “Wes”

Brian Land
Dora, MO


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Dora, MO








Trail, Gaited, Natural Horsemanship


Wes is a coming 4-year-old buckskin gelding bred, born, and raised on our farm. He was born as a twin; unfortunately, his brother did not survive. Wes is as wide as he is tall with a thick chest. He is thick-boned and stout.
He has been on several trail rides; he will lead, follow, or ride in the middle with no problem. Wes has a very smooth gait…he naturally foxtrots, flat walks, running walks, and canters. We have trained him using the Clinton-Anderson Method. Wes round pens, lunges, side passes on the ground and in the saddle, yields his forequarters and hindquarters, and works off your legs. As for disposition, Wes has an eager-to-learn attitude and is very calm, laid-back, and loveable. He’s not overreactive, as seen in the video. Wes will stand with a loose rein while fireworks are being shot off next to him, as well as with his rider shooting a gun while on his back. Also, in the video, Wes is ridden by a 9-year-old girl with no previous riding experience.  In the video, you’ll notice that Wes has rubbed down his mane. It’s common, but don’t worry – manes grow back over time. With proper care and attention, Wes’s mane will return to its full glory.
Please call with questions/information regarding Wes.

Brian Land
Dora, MO


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