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Horse Details

Morgan, Peruvian Paso, Hackney

Fort Collins, CO






Star, Stripe, Snip, Pastern, Pastern

Mountain riding, Cross country, Jumping, Roping, Drill team, Western pleasure, Town riding, Packing, Hunter jumper, Ranch horse


Meet Ocyrus, a 12-year-old Morgan/Peruvian Paso/Hackney gelding (DNA tested) with a glossy black coat, standing at a majestic 15.2 hands. This seasoned trail gelding is unflappable! Whether trekking through mountainous terrain or navigating the bustling city streets. Ocyrus is a self-assured mount, surefooted and capable of finding his way, making him the ideal horse for adventurous souls wanting to trail ride all day on all terrain.

With a history of camping in the high country, Ocyrus LOVES challenging trails up in the mountains and is great on tough terrain. He’s been immersed in diverse environments, from serene mountain paths to the vibrant chaos of downtown crowds, all while maintaining his cool. Dogs, semis, crowds, bikes, you name it, he’s seen it.

In the arena, Ocyrus shines with his extensive work. He collects gracefully, executes circles precisely, and polishes his flying lead changes and cross-overs; Ocyrus has a slow jog, a nice smooth lope, a hard stop, and knows voice commands! Ocyrus is an eye-catching mover.

Ocyrus has also done English work! In addition to being a cute hunter jumper, he excels on the cross-country course! He has a lot of scope and try, and never misses a beat.

Ocyrus’s sweet disposition is matched by his honesty and work ethic. He’s carried flags, dealt with tarps, and participated in ranch work like dragging calves and roping, showcasing his versatility and willingness to work daily.
This gelding has never bucked, reared, or kicked and is as honest as they come.
Whether you’re looking for a dependable trail partner, a capable ranch hand, or a skilled arena performer, Ocyrus is ready to exceed your expectations!

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