Pecos Bill

Mitchell K Titus
Charleston, IL 61920


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Horse Details


Mitchell K Titus

Charleston, IL


Blue Roan





Ranch, Roping, Trail, Parades, Fun Shows, 4H, Team Sorting


Peco Bill is one unique, classy unicorn! Truly a rare, rare find of a quality and family-safe gelding. Being a blue roan, Appaloosa gelding with all the flash you could want! Bill has been riding everywhere, from on the ranch to right down the main streets of our town, which has a population of 22,000.00. He’s a sound, solid citizen with a calm, willing demeanor. Bill has been trail ridden in multiple states and terrains, most recently he was in the Rocky Bluff of the Shawnee National Forest. On top of trail experience, Bill is a handy tool around the ranch. He has penned cattle, aided in loading trucks at the feed yard, and has been used to rope and doctor cattle in the pasture. He will run to the hip, track a calf, and hold the rope while his rider is doctoring. Bill has a true one-handed neck rein, works of leg cues, and goes through his gaits with collection. With Bill’s vast training, he has also been used in 4H, play day horse shows, and ranch rodeos. Bill is that “Jack of all trades” type of gelding. He sells 100 percent sound!

Winning Offer: $7,300.00

Mitchell K Titus
Charleston, IL 61920

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Highest bidder was: HWorby

Name Time Offer Auto
HWorby 03/06/2024 12:12 pm $7,300.00
kllardi13 03/06/2024 12:12 pm $7,100.00 Auto
kllardi13 03/04/2024 9:11 pm $6,800.00
mmack01 03/04/2024 12:16 pm $6,600.00
HWorby 03/04/2024 12:16 pm $6,500.00 Auto
HWorby 03/04/2024 12:15 pm $6,200.00 Auto
mmack01 03/04/2024 12:15 pm $6,000.00
HWorby 03/03/2024 7:09 pm $5,100.00 Auto
kllardi13 03/03/2024 7:09 pm $4,900.00
HWorby 03/03/2024 10:10 am $4,700.00
P.S.K 03/02/2024 10:25 pm $4,500.00
Sale Started 02/21/2024 6:09 pm

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