Gumbos Amos Moses “Moses”

Hannah Davies
Quinlan, TX 75474


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Horse Details

Missouri Foxtrotter

Hannah Davies

Quinlan, TX








Trail Horse, Gaited, Traffic Safe, Kid Safe, Natural Horsemanship, Driving


Introducing Gumbos Amos Moses, a beautiful, registered Palomino Missouri Foxtrotter. Moses is 15.1 hands tall and as sweet and gentle as they come. Moses’s great grandsire is Southern Sunrise, a Breyers model horse known for passing on “a great disposition, good conformation, and willingness to please,” which describes Moses perfectly. Moses will go anywhere you point him. He will ride out alone or in a group. He will ride front, middle, or back with no problem. Moses can side pass from the saddle or the ground. He loads and unloads from the trailer without hesitation. (Even if he is following a dinosaur in.) Moses has a beautiful thick mane and tail that always gets compliments. Moses is super smooth in his gaits and canter. He stands to be groomed/bathed and for the farrier. Moses is very soft in his mouth and will flex off just your pinky. Moses also knows round penning, lunging, and yield hindquarters.
He will side pass to the mounting block and stand patiently while mounting. He can ride double, triple, and bareback. Moses has been all over town and has been to state parks throughout east and south Texas. Moses has ponied horses and been ponied for miles on end. He has the perfect amount of whoa and go. He doesn’t mind walking easily along the trail but will move out quickly with a cluck. Moses can push cows and is great around farm equipment. Moses also handles traffic great! He doesn’t even flinch when eighteen-wheelers barrel by. I have recently started training Moses to pull the cart, and he is doing great. I absolutely enjoy working with Moses and can truly say he is a great horse.

If you are interested in Moses, please call or text me with any questions. I also welcome anyone to come and meet Moses to see if he is the horse for you.

Hannah Davies
Quinlan, TX 75474

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