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List your horse

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Thank you for considering listing your horse on We look forward to working with you. Please note that all fields must be completed in the form located at the bottom of this page. Once submitted, we will get in touch with you via email.

Thehorsebay has the right to deny any listing based on our judgment. We do not allow horses to be relisted on the site unless approved by the admins.

Requirements: Minimum Ten Minutes of Video, Current Vet Inspection, Coggins, Four Images, Description.
Please watch the videos below for more information or click the drop-down menu below videos for text format


Listing Your Horse on THEHORSEBAY.COM

Video Requirements and Suggestions by Buyers

Vet Inspection Requirements

Information Required:

  • YouTube link (Ten or more minutes of video)
  • Four or More High-Quality Images
  • Copy of Registration Papers (If Registered)
  • Copy Of Coggins
  • Vaccination/dental Records (if available)
  • Your contact information -Full Name, Physical Address, Email Address, and Phone Number
  • Height and Sex of your horse
  • Reserve Price
  • Brief Description of your horse
  • UTD Vet Inspection/Wellness Exam from a licensed vet (must be signed by the vet, clinic info provided, and dated. Unregistered horses are to have a dental evaluation to determine the horse's age and noted on the exam. All exams must be done within the two weeks prior to submitting your form before approval.
Vet/Wellness Exam Requirements:

  • Health History
  • Temperature, Pulse, Respirations
  • General Condition
  • Confirmation Lameness Assessment
  • Soft Tissue Palpation
  • Movement Evaluation
  • Obvious Tip-off Issues
  • Examination of the Eyes
  • Examination of the Teeth (For Age - If not registered) (Required)
  • Any additional information would be helpful
Video Suggestions From Buyers:

  • Walk/Trot/Canter/Gait
  • Tarps/Whips/Sound of Guns/Raincoat
  •  Neck Reining
  • Bathing
  • Backing
  • Good Stop/Whoa/One rein stops
  • Side Passing
  • Crossing Bridges
  • Pick up feet
  • Mounting/Unmounting
  • Comfortable with Back Girth
  • Rides out alone
  • Dragging Objects
  • Ride through open/close gates
  • Traffic/Motorized Vehicles/ Bicycles/ Farm Equipment
  • Cows/Dogs/Other farm animals
  • Ditches/Drop-offs/Inclines/Cliffs
  • Riding Bareback
  • Group riding (Front, Center, Back) Interactions with other horses
  • Trailering/Backing out
  • Ridden Double
  • Saddling/Bridling
  • Crossing Water

List your horse

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