Sweet Maybolene “Jazzy”


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Horse Details

Missouri FoxTrotter (MFTHBA)

Cunningham, KY



Golden Palomino




Irregular Blaze, LH pastern

Blue Eyed, cowboy Mounted Shooting, Gaited, Husband Safe, Ranch, Roping, Trail, Trail Riding, Working Cow


Sweet Maybolene “Jazzy” is a beautiful 2014 registered Missouri Fox Trotter mare.  Her sire is Spitfire’s Bojangles, a World Grand Champion model horse. Her grandsire is the well-known Southern Sunrise, out of Southern Jazz. Southern Sunrise is one of the greatest fox trotter sires of all time and was inducted into the MFTHBA Hall of Fame in 2014.  She is that hard-to-find deep golden dappled palomino with one partial blue eye! She has a big HEART and is willing to do whatever you ask of her.  She recently was used to rope donkeys so they could be trimmed. She caught on so quickly and performed better than the horse normally used for this job! She is a quick learner and loves to please. You can shoot a gun from her!  She is experienced with barking dogs, cattle, geese, turkeys, deer, four-wheelers, side-by-sides, tractors, and big equipment.

Jazzy has a solid foundation of groundwork and arena riding and has been trail-ridden many miles!  She is very sure-footed and careful over rough terrain or over downed timber.  She doesn’t mind going through water or whatever you encounter on the trail. She will move off leg pressure and change leads and is very light and responsive.  She stands perfectly to mount and will move over to the mounting block, fence, or whatever you need, making getting on and off easy.  She neck reins, side passes, stops, backs, and hops right into the trailer! Jazzy stands quietly for the farrier, saddling, grooming, bathing, and clipping. She is so quiet she would be a great parade horse. In the videos, you will see my granddaughter riding bareback with just a halter waving a flag.  You can also ride her bridleless.  Her gait is so smooth you’ll be able to ride all day.  She will walk slow enough to ride with quarter horses and has a super smooth lope. Jazzy would be wonderful to go camping with because she is good to be hobbled.  She doesn’t mind being sprayed with fly spray. She would be best suited for an experienced rider because she is so quick to respond.  She has lots of potential to go in any direction!

A few years ago,  I could not ride at the time because of back issues, but my granddaughters rode her when they needed an extra horse for group trail rides, and since she is such an easy keeper, she is no trouble to have around. I was able to start riding again this spring, but I have a 4-year-old gelding that I raised and want to put more time into him. She is a little small for my husband, so  I decided to offer her on Thehorsebay. The only bad thing I can mention is that she can be “bossy” in the field, but once she finds her place in the pecking order, all is good!! I took her to an Amish guy about a month ago to ride a couple of weeks before I started riding to ensure she was “tuned up and ready,” she did great! He was dragging logs with her, ponying other horses, and popping a whip while riding her, and his wife rode her quite a bit, but he didn’t want me to video him.  I’ve ridden her a few times since then, and she has done great and is super smooth to ride!! I’ve included some recent pictures that you can pick out since she still has some of her winter hair but is still beautiful even with that!!


I should add additional information to explain the reason for taking Jazzy to be “tuned up” this spring. I have been unable to ride for a couple of years because of back issues and had major back surgery. After a lengthy recovery, I was ready to start riding again this spring, but honestly, I was a little fearful. It made me feel more comfortable after she had not been ridden during the winter to have someone else ride her for a couple of weeks before I did. Thankfully, I am back up to riding for a couple of hours at a time and thoroughly enjoying it! She has a smooth running walk and lope and is so fun to ride.

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