Revelation “Rev”


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Quarter Horse

Fort Collins, CO






Star, Stripe, Snip, LH Coronet, Right blue eye

Western pleasure, Trail riding, Packing, Camping , Ranch horse, 4-H


Revelation 🔥

Revelation (aka Rev) is an 11-year-old BUILT 16.2-hand gelding. This gelding is just about as impressive as they come, with a heart as big as his.
He has been my horse for the past year, and I’ve done a little bit of everything on him, from trail riding downtown through large crowds and crazy scenes, out to lunch or even through the coffee drive-thru, to taking him up into the mountains on tough terrain.
We’ve spent nights and days in the mountains, packed up tough hills, and had him find his way down steep trails. This horse absolutely loves to work and will try anything you ask of him with a willing attitude!
Revelation moves as pretty as he is!
He has a perfect Western pleasure jog, a gorgeous slow lope, and a smooth stop and backup with a gorgeous crossover.
He knows voice commands and will move off your feet as well, he has pretty transitions, knows voice commands and has a light handle, he would excel in a show ring.
Revelation came off of a ranch, so he has also done some roping, dragged calves, and checked fences, and he is no stranger to ranch life. I have done more fancy work and trail riding with him, but Rev also loved ranch jobs and work life.
I have never met a horse quite as willing or fun to be around (and on) as this guy. He is first to the gate to meet you, loves absolutely everyone, and is an all-around gorgeous guy.
I am so excited to watch Revelation excel with his new family. Come and see this beautiful guy!

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