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Rockfield, KY




03-01-2016 / 03-01-2017


Tom: Star

All Around, Athletic, Draft, Driving, Experienced, Harness, Kid Safe, Parade, Pleasure Driving, Ridden Western, Started Under Saddle, Team Driving, Trail, Trail Riding, Working


Rockn B Horse Carriage LLC, Warren County, Rockfield, KY, presents our team, 2 Black Percherons, geldings, Bob and Tom, 7 & 8 years old. Bob is 1622 lbs 16.3hh, and Tom is 1800 lbs 17.1hh. We are the second owners. We purchased from near Paducah, KY, and he purchased from an Amish farm here in Warren County, KY. Horses were born on the same farm, but did not know their lineage or what farm. They have never been separated from each other. We purchased for our 10-year Carriage company and trained both for double and single driving anything, loading in trailers behind the carriage, though we switch outsides in trailer and team driving. We provide services for weddings, funerals, parades, holidays, tourism, tours, show and tell, photography, etc. Our relationship with the local funeral home brought these horses back into the hearse to pull out of the garage and back into the garage after their job. We trained these to follow us by the lead rope, not ahead/pull us. They drive by Ease up/Whoa, along with our touch on reins. We back the horses into the carriages, hook them up, and they pull the carriage out of the barn/garages. They understand my command of ‘one step’ backward. They stop on a dime, and fire trucks, emergency vehicles, loud truck trailers, and passersby cars with people yelling at them. I can dress them up in any costume. They both remember events from the year past and recognize the stop points. The public can pet them while hooked to carriages and take photos. They are fed grain once a.m. and once p.m. Both stand for farrier and were always barefoot until last January 2024 event in Lake Charles, LA, where they pulled a covered wagon, 5 hours each day, for five days on The Historic Heritage Trail Ride that began at Lake Arthur, LA. In Lake Charles, the horseshoed boys pulled the covered wagon into the Burton Coliseum, and the other wagons circled and paraded inside. They then pulled back outside the way everyone had come in. I have tried numerous times to get that video to show it. These boys will trust you and go where you ask. They have undoubtedly been the best horses for our carriage company. They pull together, they follow each other single driving well without crowding up. Tom likes to lead, and Bob likes to follow, whether driving, walking, or going to stalls. We do not load by that order; we switch that up. Each will respond to our voice, touch, and watch us. Bob and Tom have hearts full of easiness, kindness, and gentleness and are always ready to work. We have been blessed. Our photos provide all their skills: driving, pulling, riding, pushing, loading, standing, etc. The riding photos display their talent, for example, loading the rider into the trailer, weaving in out different structures, lifting feet, and a small display of a person standing on top/sliding off the rear, opening gates, walking over the top of mulch pile, riding between trailers, thru high tunnels, brushing past my green bean garden.
In the past year, my better half’s health has declined, and with great sadness, we closed our business. We don’t want to sell them, but we have to.  We pray they will go to a really good home and be treated like they are here.
Thank you for reading and considering our Bob and Tom.  If you have any questions, please contact ‘Beck,’ James, through his cell: text or call.  You may email me.  You are welcome to visit Bob and Tom.

Our Facebook page is still up and running. Lots of videos and photos are on this site: FB@rocknbhorsecarriage. The YouTube link is available for videos and photos. Thank you for viewing and reading.

Best Wishes and Safe Travels. James and Robin Rockn B Horse Carriage LLC.
*Note: We do not have any exact date of birth for either Bob or Tom. March 2016 and March 2017


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betsyclassen 04/16/2024 4:29 pm $13,100.00
btboertlein 04/16/2024 4:28 pm $12,900.00
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betsyclassen 04/16/2024 4:27 pm $12,700.00
btboertlein 04/16/2024 4:27 pm $12,500.00
betsyclassen 04/16/2024 4:27 pm $12,400.00 Auto
betsyclassen 04/16/2024 4:27 pm $12,300.00
fiberdyn 04/16/2024 4:26 pm $12,100.00 Auto
betsyclassen 04/16/2024 4:26 pm $12,000.00
fiberdyn 04/16/2024 4:26 pm $11,800.00 Auto
btboertlein 04/16/2024 4:26 pm $11,600.00
fiberdyn 04/16/2024 4:26 pm $11,400.00
betsyclassen 04/16/2024 4:26 pm $11,200.00
CaseyMae 04/16/2024 4:25 pm $11,000.00 Auto
btboertlein 04/16/2024 4:25 pm $10,900.00
CaseyMae 04/16/2024 4:24 pm $10,700.00
btboertlein 04/16/2024 4:20 pm $10,500.00
betsyclassen 04/16/2024 4:20 pm $10,400.00 Auto
betsyclassen 04/16/2024 4:20 pm $10,200.00
fiberdyn 04/16/2024 4:17 pm $10,000.00
btboertlein 04/16/2024 4:15 pm $9,800.00
TXPatriotGirl 04/16/2024 4:14 pm $9,600.00
btboertlein 04/16/2024 4:01 pm $9,400.00
betsyclassen 04/16/2024 12:00 pm $9,200.00
btboertlein 04/16/2024 6:51 am $9,000.00
fiberdyn 04/16/2024 6:27 am $8,800.00
btboertlein 04/15/2024 7:32 pm $8,600.00
betsyclassen 04/15/2024 9:29 am $8,400.00
btboertlein 04/14/2024 9:15 pm $8,200.00
TXPatriotGirl 04/14/2024 9:15 pm $8,100.00 Auto
TXPatriotGirl 04/14/2024 4:41 pm $8,000.00
betsyclassen 04/14/2024 2:03 pm $7,800.00
TXPatriotGirl 04/11/2024 9:08 pm $7,600.00
betsyclassen 04/11/2024 9:08 pm $7,400.00 Auto
TXPatriotGirl 04/11/2024 9:08 pm $7,200.00
betsyclassen 04/11/2024 12:37 pm $7,000.00
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