Jamie Thomason
Auburn, KY 42206


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Friesian/Percheron X

Jamie Thomason

Auburn, KY






Four white coronet bands

Family Horse, Beginner/Kid Safe, Trail Horse, English Riding, Western Riding, Traffic Safe, Jumping, Side Passes, Neck Reins, Drives Single & Double, Gun Safe, Suitable for Mounted Shooting/Hunting by horseback/Mounted Patrol


The definition of perfect is having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics, as good as possible. Stella is just that—the perfect family horse!

Stella is an elegant 16.2-hand gray mare that acquired the best features of her cross. She has the calm demeanor of the Percheron paired with the floating movement of the Friesian.

Stella rides both English and Western. She has been started over jumps. Smooth transitions. A floating trot and canter. Goes both directions on the correct lead. Side passes. Neck reins or direct reins depending on rider preference. Stella is very light in the bridle and light in her movements. Stella is a trustworthy trail mount. She confidently goes wherever she is pointed. She crosses water and logs through brush and easily navigates rough terrain. Rides alone or in a group. She is not herd bound making a great companion for rides out alone.

Stella is safe and suitable for anyone. Her easygoing, unbothered style is perfect for beginners & children. Stella is tolerant of inexperienced cues. People of various ages and levels of experience have enjoyed her. Stella often totes around the neighbor’s children and even packs our one-year-old son along with us on the trail. Stella has gone through extensive desensitization training. She has zero spook, ensuring rider confidence and safety. She has been exposed and is comfortable around kids, strollers, tractors, four-wheelers, other livestock, tarps, whips, flags, and gunfire. She has been ridden on the obstacle course, will check mailboxes, go over a bridge/teeter-totter, and drag jugs. She will make a good lesson horse.

Stella drives both singles and doubles. She is suitable for wagon trails, carriage rides, or a leisurely Sunday stroll.

Stella possesses exceptional ground manners. She is easy to catch anywhere and walks right along beside you while being led. She stands tied, cross-tied, for the farrier, saddling, mounting, and bathing. She loads and unloads in a regular-size slant trailer with zero issues.

Stella is the perfect horse! If you have any questions or want to meet this gorgeous lady in person, feel free to reach out! We would be glad to have you!

Jamie Thomason
Auburn, KY 42206

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