Why can’t I place a bid on a horse?

Make sure you have already signed up and have had your account activated. This is done before you are able to log in to your account.

If you still can’t get your bid in, please call us immediately. We are always available during the end of auctions.

Usually, if a bid won’t go through, it is because you have matched someone else’s bid and will need to raise the amount by at least $1. The site will notify you if this happens, but sometimes users won’t notice the notification.

What happens if I win an auction?

If prior arrangements with the seller are not made, payment is expected the next business day. Shipping is expected to be the buyer's responsibility unless prior arrangements are made with the seller. 

The seller will contact the winning bidder soon after the auction has closed to arrange payment and shipping.

What are some Tips/Suggestions for winning an auction?

Don’t wait until the last few minutes to place your bid. Any amount larger than the minimum amount entered will keep you the top bidder up to that amount.

Take advantage of automatic bidding. It's a good idea to refresh your browser often if you are a last-minute bidder. Don't hesitate to call us if you have worries about not winning the horse you want. 

How do I see what my Auto-bid is?

To view your automatic bid, you must be logged into your account first. You will then click on the horse you are bidding on and scroll down and click "More Details" below the countdown timer. 

Where is Thehorsebay Located?

Thehorsebay is based out of Southwest Missouri. However, we list horses from all United States and Canada locations.

What is a reserve price?

It is the lowest amount a seller is willing to take for their horse. If you go to the horse’s sales page and click on “More Details” under the countdown timer, you can see if the reserve price has been met or not met.

Where do I find the owner's contact information?

It will be at the top of each auction page in a black box. You’ll have to click on the photo of the horse you’re interested in first to get to the sales page.

How is it possible to win an auction by only $1 when bid increments are $200(proxy bidding)?

Example: Horse is at $5,000. User 1 enters a maximum bid of $10,000, which puts the horse at $5200. User 2 also enters in a max amount bid of $10,000. User 2 gets an on-screen notification that another user has already entered a $10,000 proxy bid; please choose a different amount. User 2 enters $10,001 instead. The bid is accepted. 

Why does it look like bidders are outbidding themselves(Proxy Bidding)?

 Example: Horse is at $5000. User 1 enters $10,000. Which displays user 1 as the top bidder at $5,200. User 2 enters $10,001. This will display the $10,000 proxy bid entered by user 1 above user 1’s previous bid of $5200 and display the bid made by user 2 above both of user 2’s bids of $5200 and $10,000, which makes it looks like user 1 is bidding against themselves because of how it is displayed, but it is impossible to bid against yourself. If you try to bid against yourself, it will only raise your auto bid. Some refer to it as a proxy bid or ceiling amount. Anything you enter above the minimum amount required to enter is considered an auto bid.

Can I retract my bid?

Bids cannot be retracted once placed. 


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