Cody Martin
Lancaster, KY 40444


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Horse Details

Kentucky Mountain

Martins Pleasure Horses

Stanford, KY






Front Left Stocking, Left Hind Stocking, Small Snip.

Trail, Gaited, Field Trial, Buggy, Show


Meet Henry, the epitome of an exceptional horse! This 5-going-on-6-year-old Kentucky Mountain gelding stands proudly at 15 hands high, with both beauty and brains.

With his stunning dappled buckskin coat, Henry is a true eye-catcher. But it’s not just his looks that set him apart—his gentle disposition and smooth gait make him a standout companion. Henry is the kind of horse who will greet you with a nuzzle whenever you approach him, ready to be your loyal partner on any adventure.

Henry’s extensive trail experience speaks volumes about his reliability and versatility. He does everything from navigating rocky terrain to crossing creeks and ditches with confidence and grace. Whether you’re riding through the countryside or trotting through town, Henry remains unfazed by the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

But what truly sets Henry apart is his willingness to please his rider. Whether you’re a seasoned equestrian or a novice rider, Henry easily adapts to your needs. He stands patiently for mounting and dismounting, tacks up without fuss, and stands calmly for the farrier. With Henry by your side, every ride is a pleasure.

It’s important to note that Henry requires a collected rein to maintain his smooth gait. While he’ll happily walk on a loose rein all day, he truly shines when his rider provides the necessary guidance. Once you find your rhythm with Henry, you’ll experience the joy of riding a horse who knows his job inside and out.

Whether you’re hitting the trails or exploring new horizons, Henry is ready to be your trusted companion. Try him out and see why he’s the horse everyone is talking about! 🐴✨

Henry was previously purchased by a field trial facility and is now being relisted. You’re more than welcome to call with any questions.

Cody Martin
Lancaster, KY 40444

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