Jacob Glover
Jamestown, KY 42629


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Tennessee Walking Horse

Jacob's Stables

Jamestown, KY







Trails, Field Trial, Gaited


Austin is a beautiful, dappled Palomino with a White mane and tail, a gelding standing 14.3hh. He is five years old and is entering the prime of his life! Austin was born and raised just down the road from me a few miles and I have trail ridden countless miles with him. He has been on camping trips, picket line-tied, and hauled to several states. He will flatfoot walk on a loose rein, or he can move on out if you ask. He has a smooth and natural 4-beat gait that anyone will enjoy riding on. At local fun shows in pleasure classes, Austin has been shown by younger kids and seen it all, from the bright lights to hearing those blaring loudspeakers. Austin has seen it all and handles everything in stride! Austin has been exposed to all kinds of wildlife, such as deer or turkey, or other animals like cows or dogs, and will go anywhere he is asked to. He has ridden many miles in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky and encountered every obstacle possible on the trail. He will go up or down even the steepest slopes, across deep creeks, over downed trees, and all rough terrain while still being sure-footed. He has been ridden in traffic and is very traffic-safe around cars, semis, logs, and dump trucks. If you are looking for that special trail riding partner, look no further!! Feel free to call Jacob with any questions.

Winning Offer: $7,501.00

Jacob Glover
Jamestown, KY 42629

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Name Time Offer Auto
dhavener 02/28/2024 3:40 pm $7,501.00
DebbieBerdy 02/28/2024 3:40 pm $7,500.00 Auto
DebbieBerdy 02/28/2024 3:24 pm $7,300.00
dhavener 02/28/2024 2:02 pm $7,100.00
Flohannum 02/28/2024 1:59 pm $6,900.00
dhavener 02/28/2024 1:53 pm $6,700.00
Flohannum 02/28/2024 1:49 pm $6,500.00
dhavener 02/28/2024 12:46 pm $6,300.00
DebbieBerdy 02/28/2024 12:30 pm $6,100.00
dhavener 02/28/2024 9:52 am $5,900.00
Flohannum 02/28/2024 6:47 am $5,700.00
DebbieBerdy 02/28/2024 5:09 am $5,500.00
Flohannum 02/27/2024 8:29 pm $5,300.00
pategriffiths 02/27/2024 6:45 pm $5,100.00
Flohannum 02/27/2024 6:37 pm $4,900.00 Auto
pategriffiths 02/27/2024 6:37 pm $4,700.00
Flohannum 02/27/2024 6:37 pm $4,500.00 Auto
pategriffiths 02/27/2024 6:37 pm $4,300.00
Flohannum 02/24/2024 9:44 am $4,100.00
DebbieBerdy 02/24/2024 9:44 am $4,000.00 Auto
DebbieBerdy 02/24/2024 9:32 am $3,900.00
Flohannum 02/17/2024 6:00 pm $3,700.00
darrellnunley59 02/17/2024 9:05 am $3,500.00
Sale Started 02/14/2024 11:59 pm

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