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Horse Details

Quarter Horse

Fort Collins, CO






LF Sock, LH Sock, RF Stocking, RH Stocking

Kid Safe, Family Safe/ 4-H Horse, Western Pleasure, Roping, Branding, Sorting, Trail Riding, Packing, Drill Team


**Champagne** 🍾
Meet Champagne, the ultimate family-friendly horse with a golden personality to match his shimmering coat. This stunning champagne paint is not just a sight for the eyes; he’s the dream horse for any rider. Kid-tested and parent-approved, Champagne is bombproof in town, sure-footed in the mountains, and fearless no matter the setting. He’s a seasoned pro at roping and has had breakaway lessons, Making him a standout 4-H horse and a trusty partner for riders of all levels. Whether pushing and sorting cows, carrying a flag in a parade, or hanging out on the trails- Champagne does it all easily. His calm demeanor and versatility make him the perfect addition to any loving home. Ready for any adventure, Champagne is the horse that will carry you with confidence and style. 🐴💫
Check out his video and test-ride him!

Information on the rare “Champagne” color!

Champagne-colored horses have a distinctive and luxurious coat color that stands out. This color is caused by a rare genetic mutation that dilutes the base coat color, giving the horse a warm, glowing hue ranging from pale gold to deep amber. They often have sparkling, amber, or greenish eyes and pinkish skin, which is visible around their eyes and muzzle. This pink skin is covered in freckles as they age. The overall effect is a horse that looks like it’s been dipped in a shimmering glass of bubbly champagne. It’s a color that’s as rare as it is beautiful, making any champagne horse a true gem in the equine world! 🐴✨

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