CS Ten O Hickory “Ten”

Dustyn Jackson
Laporte, CO 80535


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Horse Details



Laporte, CO



Red Dun




Star, Snip, Stripe, Dorsal Stripe

Roping, Sorting, Doctoring Cattle, Trails, Barrels, Gentle, Town and Traffic Safe


Ten is an exceptionally bred, exceptionally broke horse who has excelled at everything here with us. We have roped, sorted, and doctored cows, taken him on trails through town and in the mountains, and used him to teach greener riders proper arena work. He takes everything in stride like a gentleman. In the sorting pen, Ten has brought home check after check including winning single-man competitions. He is an open class caliber horse and has brought home lots of money there as well. He has babysat beginner ropers with patience and understanding but will also back in a box and set up perfectly for a more advanced roper. He scores well and will rate one perfect while also having the speed for fastest cattle. He really reads a cow and will shut an ally down when sorting pairs or weanlings and has helped show our girls how it feels when one works a cow correctly, even tolerating plow reining. He would make an incredible high school or college rodeo horse in any event. On the trail, Ten is level-headed, calm, cool, and collected. He has seen bikes, skateboards, strollers, barking dogs, wildlife, ATVs, ect. and never bats an eye. He crosses rivers and bridges and is used to cattle dogs working around and under him up in the mountains as well. He will long trot all day covering lots of ground on the ranch and has no problem catching quick calves when it comes time. He has doctored cows out in the pasture and up in the mountains. When riding in rough terrain, he is careful and conscious of where he puts his feet to make sure he takes care of his rider. He has led pack strings up in the mountains and has been used for hunting trips as well. He is used to gun fire and knows how to handle all situations. Ten has carried flags and does so with grace. He knows both leads and will lope pretty circles. We have hauled him all over the United States and he travels well always eating and drinking on the road. He will highline or hobble for overnight trips and hauls in an open stock next to both mares and geldings with ease. He loads and unloads phenomenally and doesn’t need tied in the trailer to keep his feet under him. This horse is the definition of one who knows a hard day’s work and is always ready for the next job. He stays the same with time off and is the jump-on-and-go type we all love. He has been kept in all circumstances from stall to run to pasture in a mixed herd and he stays out of trouble. Ten stands to be saddled and mounted and is great for the vet and farrier. He is overall a conformationally correct horse with clean legs and a great disposition to match. Take him any direction you wish and watch him excel. Come try him out and see for yourself just how incredible he is. Thank you in advance from totonkatrailequine. We look forward to everyone’s calls and meeting you. We will return your call if you leave us a text message. No voicemail! Shipping can be arranged anywhere in the States or internationally. Payment is expected the next business day by noon via wire transfer. Thank you again from totonkatrailequine.

Winning Offer: $20,200.00

Dustyn Jackson
Laporte, CO 80535

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Ranchgirl1 03/20/2024 5:56 pm $20,200.00 Auto
Billrandall 03/20/2024 5:56 pm $20,000.00
Ranchgirl1 03/20/2024 5:53 pm $18,100.00
Billrandall 03/20/2024 5:53 pm $17,900.00 Auto
Billrandall 03/20/2024 5:52 pm $10,900.00
Topher8819 03/20/2024 5:50 pm $10,700.00
Spencer Gordon 03/20/2024 5:34 pm $10,500.00
Topher8819 03/20/2024 5:34 pm $10,400.00 Auto
Topher8819 03/19/2024 6:06 pm $10,300.00
skyhorse2 03/19/2024 6:06 pm $10,100.00
Topher8819 03/19/2024 6:06 pm $10,000.00 Auto
Topher8819 03/19/2024 5:59 pm $9,700.00 Auto
skyhorse2 03/19/2024 5:59 pm $9,500.00
Topher8819 03/19/2024 5:55 pm $9,200.00 Auto
skyhorse2 03/19/2024 5:55 pm $9,000.00
Topher8819 03/19/2024 5:53 pm $8,700.00 Auto
skyhorse2 03/19/2024 5:53 pm $8,500.00
Topher8819 03/19/2024 5:10 pm $8,210.00
skyhorse2 03/19/2024 4:15 pm $8,010.00
Topher8819 03/19/2024 4:15 pm $8,000.00 Auto
Topher8819 03/19/2024 4:03 pm $7,200.00 Auto
skyhorse2 03/19/2024 4:03 pm $7,000.00
Topher8819 03/10/2024 11:39 pm $6,500.00 Auto
Bo7277 03/10/2024 11:39 pm $6,300.00
Topher8819 03/08/2024 12:14 pm $5,800.00 Auto
Bjones 03/08/2024 12:14 pm $5,600.00
Topher8819 03/08/2024 8:21 am $5,400.00
Bjones 03/07/2024 3:55 pm $5,200.00
Moore Crk 03/03/2024 6:49 pm $5,000.00
Sale Started 02/28/2024 4:59 pm

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