High Roller Kitty DR “Kitty”

Damon Buehrer
Collinsville, Illinois 62234


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Horse Details

Quarter Horse

Damon Buehrer

St. Jacob, IL



Bay Roan




LH/RH Sock

Barrels, Trail, Sorting, Penning


We proudly offer Kitty to a qualified prospect looking for a solid, safe, incredibly athletic horse with a proper foundation. She has the mind to be ridden down the trail bridleless and the moves to go sort cattle, work on barrels, and then head through the McDonalds for a drink. It will be hard to find a horse with a better handle than Kitty. She will collect at all three gates, side passes, and backs in tight circles, and you can bend her in just about any imaginable shape with finger-light pressure. Kitty spent years trail riding through the high country out west by a man in his 70s before making her way to the Midwest, where she has spent the last year and a half being introduced to arena work and exposed to all the chaos of farm life. She has ridden through town, beside busy highways, dogs, turkeys, deer, farm equipment, and trains.
Kitty will make someone an amazing trail horse but also has the breeding and training to make an excellent prospect for any rodeo event. She has been started on the barrels and taken to it nicely. She has done some team penning and loved pushing the calves around. She has yet to finish any particular discipline but has the heart, willingness, and buttons to go in any direction you choose. She is steady, surefooted, confident, and careful over, through, and around obstacles encountered on the trail. She never has a problem with other horses riding beside her in front or behind her. She is at the bottom of the pecking order in the pasture and has never caused trouble with her pasture mates.
She is kept in a more extensive pasture and is never an issue to catch. She has also been stalled and was a perfect angel. She has no vices. She loads, bathes, stands for the farrier, and clips without a fuss.
Her ground manners are impeccable. She respects your space at all times and is never pushy. Her ground exercises include backing, using 3 different methods: side pass, yield hindquarters and forequarters, lunge, and being sent over any obstacle, just to name a few. She is a sweetheart in every respect, and when she looks at you with those big brown eyes, you can’t help but fall in love.

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Damon Buehrer
Collinsville, Illinois 62234

Sold Post Auction For $12,500.00

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Sarms 04/09/2024 11:42 am $12,200.00 Auto
jponder 04/09/2024 11:42 am $12,000.00
Sarms 04/09/2024 11:38 am $10,600.00 Auto
jponder 04/09/2024 11:38 am $10,400.00
Sarms 04/06/2024 1:51 pm $7,700.00
jnjchase 04/06/2024 1:51 pm $7,500.00 Auto
jnjchase 04/02/2024 8:05 pm $7,200.00 Auto
Kerry Lewallen 04/02/2024 8:05 pm $7,000.00
jnjchase 04/02/2024 8:03 pm $6,800.00 Auto
Kerry Lewallen 04/02/2024 8:03 pm $6,600.00
jnjchase 04/02/2024 5:25 pm $6,400.00
Kerry Lewallen 04/02/2024 8:59 am $6,200.00
TrailriderEZ 04/02/2024 8:58 am $6,000.00 Auto
Kerry Lewallen 04/02/2024 8:58 am $5,900.00
TrailriderEZ 04/02/2024 8:57 am $5,700.00 Auto
Kerry Lewallen 04/02/2024 8:57 am $5,500.00
TrailriderEZ 03/26/2024 4:04 pm $5,000.00
Sale Started 03/20/2024 8:29 pm

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