Cassandra Sazima
Dublin, TX 76446


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Quarter Horse

Cassandra Sazima

Dublin, TX







Ultimate Trail Horse, Fancy Broke, Safe, Gentle, Sweet, Traffic and Town safe, Sure-Footed, Gathering Cattle


Brandi would be a great addition to anyone’s barn! She’s very loving, calm, and reliable. She has the attitude of a gelding and a body of a mare, the best combination ever. Brandi and I have had a lot of adventures together. We’ve been down miles of trails, over logs, under or over bridges, through water, and even took a trip to town recently. I took her took her to my local Sonic drive-in and she was a favorite there! While we were in town she had bicycles, all kinds of cars and trucks, squeaky tricycles, barking dogs, and strollers pass by her. She has absolutely no spook to her. Flags and tarps also don’t bother her. She’s the kind you can take anywhere and she won’t blink an eye and she acts like she’s done it millions of times. She is so happy to go down trails but she really loves to play in the water. She has also been used on a ranch to gather cattle and check fences! I’ve swung a rope on her and roped the sled a little bit on her.

This gal is fancy broke! She is sensitive to leg pressure and soft in the mouth. She knows both of her leads, side passes, spins, moves off leg, neck reins, open and closes gates, rollbacks, and has a nice big stop to her. She does great in a arena or a big open space. Lopes some pretty circles. Her trot and lope are very easy to sit, she won’t bounce you out of the saddle. I would recommend her for a advanced beginner and up, since she is a touch, more go than woah. A handy kid would have a blast with her! She listens very well, if you tell her to slow down she will. If she gets ridden frequently, she’s equal go/woah.

Super easy to ride around! She’s a point and shoot type of gal. Just tack her up and get on, no need for lunging even if she’s had a few days or a week off.

She gets along great with other horses; I’ve never seen her stick her ears back or squeal at them. In a pasture with other horses, she typically just minds her own business. She also does great in a stall, no pacing or calling for the other horses at all. It would be completely up to your preference on where to keep her. She is super sweet and loves to be loved on. She’s the one to always be down for a adventure no matter what time of day it is or what the temperature is. She is just a big ol’ sweetheart.

She absolutely has no bite, kick, buck, bolt, rear, or anything like that to her. She stands tied all day, for the farrier, to bathe, to tack up. She will load herself and patiently wait for you to unload her. She has nice straight legs and great hooves with no cracks. She is currently barefoot, just had her feet trimmed on 2/26/2024.

I look forward to talking to everyone about her, she is truly one of a kind!

Cassandra Sazima
Dublin, TX 76446

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