Congress Hill Ooh LaLa “Lala”


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Horse Details

Gypsy Vanner

Columbia, TN







Solid White

Driving, Trail, Jumping, Mounted shooting, Mounted archery, Roping, Cross country, Barrels, Obstacles, Liberty work


Presenting Congress Hill Ooh LaLa, the captivating Gypsy Vanner Mare effortlessly blends bravery, magnificence, and a heart of pure gold. LaLa is not just a horse; she’s an exquisite masterpiece, exuding confidence and warmth. Working with her is an absolute delight, as she embraces every challenge with grace and dedication.

LaLa is not merely a companion; she’s a devoted partner, making her the ideal match for anyone seeking an extraordinary connection filled with love and loyalty. Her eagerness to please knows no bounds, making her a versatile and enchanting presence in any direction you choose to explore together.

Immersed in a world of socialization, LaLa has been exposed to a diverse array of disciplines, mastering the art of English and Western riding, driving, liberty, and even theatrical performances. Her adaptability and willingness to excel in various arenas make her a standout among her peers.

As we embark on a new journey with a breeding program for another distinguished breed, we reluctantly bid farewell to our beloved LaLa, creating an opportunity for her to bring unparalleled joy and happiness to a new home. Don’t miss the chance to welcome this majestic Gypsy Vanner mare into your life – she’s a radiant jewel prepared to grace your days with beauty, love, and endless moments of enchantment. Act swiftly as we make room for our promising Marchadors, and let LaLa become the shining gem in your equestrian story.

Updated Vet Inspection coming soon!!

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