Thea Bekkedahl
Fort Collins CO 80524


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Miniature Horse

Fort Collins, CO







Kids Horse, Gymkhana, Trail, Cows


Determined, fancy, and undeniably cute, Waffles is ready to take your young rider to the next level without having to jump onto the next height. He’s very athletic and extremely willing. He will give anything you ask a try even when he’s unsure. He has the kindest eyes and is so sweet. Waffles has been around the block for sure, from traffic and being in town to parks, rivers, pounds, and all kinds of trails. He is ready for his next adventure, buddy, and trusts me; he will not let his partner down!
Whether you want to push cows or enter the next rodeo, or just enjoy plotting around on a trail or the property, Waffles is your man!
At 34”’ tall and only 8 years old, he has room to be in the family for a good while, and did you see his trot? Maybe being a carriage horse would be an awesome future as well.

Thea Bekkedahl
Fort Collins CO 80524

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Auction expired without reaching reserve price

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