Virgil Cole T.W. (Virgil)

Laura Way
Pavo, GA 31778


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Tennessee Walking Horse

W2 Horses

Pavo, GA



Sorrel Roan




Off hind stocking, Blaze, Roan

Bridleless, Trail, Quail hunt, Family horse, Mounted shooting, Tricks, Rope, Show


Talk about a sweetheart! You will fall in love as soon as you meet him! Virgil is a beautiful, 4-year-old registered TWH gelding standing 15.3 hands tall with a build and conformation to die for! Virgil joined our family before he was 12 months old and we have absolutely loved having him around. You can pretty much say, Virgil has been homegrown and home trained. We started Virgil correctly with natural horsemanship consisting of many hours of groundwork, flexing, bending, picking up his shoulders, yielding his hindquarters, moving off your legs, and tons of desensitizing. He is so soft and supple, you can control every part of his body from his feet to his ribs, his shoulders, hindquarters, all the way to the tip of his nose. This type of advanced training takes long hours to achieve but it creates an amazingly good gaited horse with or without a bridle, which shows in his video.
He has a very respectful demeanor on the ground and in the saddle and respects your space. Virgil has a very willing disposition and takes to new things easily. He is an honest, solid young gelding with a super quiet mind. He has miles and miles of experience on the trail all over the southeast. Virgil is very sure-footed, careful while going through tight spots, and never gets in a hurry. He is good with water, mud, ditches, gunfire, dogs, bullwhips, machinery, traffic, flags, cattle, and ponying other horses. Not only is Virgil an experienced trail horse, but he has also spent many long days working cattle and hunting quail!
Virgil is very light in the face, responds to leg cues so well, and has tons of feel. Virgil is so gentle and soft, he can be ridden BAREBACK and BRIDLELESS at the same time anywhere you’d like to go, not just in the arena. Virgil neck reins perfectly one-handed, side passes, backs, and lopes both leads on cue beautifully. He has a slow proper turnaround, good stop, and stops abruptly when using just your seat/legs with a simple Woah. Most importantly, Virgil is smooth as silk and is consistent all day long! Even his transition in between gaits is smooth! Virgil is so talented, he knows a few tricks, too! He side-passes up to anything for mounting with the snap of your fingers, he drops his head with the slightest touch at his poll, and you can even swing a rope, drag, and rope the hot heels off him! He stands perfectly still for mounting and dismounting, will open gates with ease, hobbles, and ground ties.
Virgil is steady with good bone and is stout enough to carry anyone all day long. He is honest and trustworthy enough to be ridden out by himself or with large groups. He is the kind that is happy to go to work every day with a willing attitude. Virgil has no spook and no bad habits. He is quiet in the stall, easy to catch in the pasture, and gets along well with other horses. He stands without being tied for saddling and takes to the bridle gently. He loads and backs out of the trailer easily, stands for the farrier quietly as well as bathing and clipping.
Virgil is a treat lover with an outgoing personality. He is smart, sweet, and so personable that he genuinely wants to be with you and by your side. His quiet and willing demeanor makes him a pleasure to be around. He is the perfect family horse and is suitable for any level rider. We have put a lot of time, heart, and soul into this gelding. He is truly special! He is one of the good ones and he is ready for the next chapter in his life. If I could keep them all, he would stay here forever. Bareback and more bridleless videos coming soon!
Virgil has been routinely dewormed, vaccinated, routine teeth floating, and shoeing.
We require the buyer to be PayPal or Venmo accessible to place a $2000 deposit immediately following the end of the auction. (No exception! Please find a friend or family member to aid in the deposit if not PayPal or Venmo accessible). We require the remaining balance to be wire transferred before the close of the following business day. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to pairing you with the horse of a lifetime.

Laura Way
Pavo, GA 31778

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