Dustyn Jackson
Laporte, CO 80535


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Laporte, CO


Bay Paint




4 socks, Star

Ranch, Trail, Babysitter, Mounted Shooting, Arena, Traffic Safe


Flashy and gentle is what we all want in a horse, and Tonto has it—a beautiful bay paint, willing and able to do anything you want. I was fortunate to get him from a great friend who raises Aztecas and has some of the neatest horses I’ve seen in the breed. He also is trying to perfect the gaited Aztecas he and his family have perfected. Tonto is not gaited but was one there using horses. He has some of the smoothest gaits you’ll ever ride. No need to post if you do not want to. He is the real deal ranch horse. Fifty-three thousand acres we use him on. Not one of your gimmick ranches at a boarding facility in town with a couple of cows or dragging a barrel or log around. He will doctor in the pasture out in the wide open. He is great with big circles up in the roughest terrain Colorado offers. Working cut creek banks, bogs, willows so thick they’re hard to crawl through, down timber, steepest Rocky terrain you’ll experience.  There is no spook, bolt, or bad habit in this horse. He has proven to be one we can use for anything from lessons to trail rides. Enough to go for someone who wants it and easygoing enough to be the perfect husband or kid horse. He loads and unloads as one should, is easy to tack and mount/dismount, and will stand all day to chat or walk out to cover some ground. Tonto does exactly what is asked when asked. He is safe with dogs, traffic, strollers, costumes, wildlife, and anything else you could want to throw at him. Tonto travels well on the road, and high lines are great for overnight stays. Ride him bareback, western, or English. Great for the farrier and vet. Easy to catch and work within any setting. He is sure-footed up in the mountains and will care for his rider. We have had kiddos join us for lots of adventures, and he is the one we pick for them. He will work a cow and has spent many hours gathering in rough terrain. Don’t balk at water, mud, steep hills, or rocky paths. Tonto is a been there, done- that horse that will get you noticed anywhere. He’s the same horse every ride and is best described as reliable. Tonto has been a favorite around our place, and we are excited to be able to offer him as a great partner. Come try him out and see for yourself. Thank you for considering Tonto. We at Totonkatrailequine look forward to talking to everyone and meeting you.

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Dustyn Jackson
Laporte, CO 80535

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