Dustyn Jackson
Laporte, Co 80535


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Horse Details

Missouri Foxtrotter

Totonka Trail Equine

Fort Collins, CO






Star; Strip; Snip; Sock

Trails, Gaited, Ranch work, Babysitter


Tacoma, if safety, sound, and sane for anyone is what you are looking for, he is absolutely safe for any level rider, from beginners to experienced. He is willing at anything you ask of him and a joy to be around. Very steady on the trail or gathering cattle in the Rocky Mountains; nothing phases this guy. Traffic safe crosses anything you point him at. Hauls well on the road, high lines, or hobbles on overnights. He gets along with everything in the pasture, staying out of trouble and minding his business. He loves to make up to you and create a bond. He is great to groom, tack and untack. He stands to be mounted and dismounted. Great with mounting blocks, rocks, logs, or whatever you need to use. He is truly safe and gentle for even the complete beginner, husband safe or amazing for an extra for a friend to ride. Taking you out on the trail safely and returning safely, alone or in groups. He is great for the farrier and vets. He loads and unloads as one should. He has been amazing on our ranch for building people’s confidence on some of the roughest terrain possible. As you can see in the video, he is not spooky with anything from crawling under him to tarps blowing around all over him. We look forward to meeting you all. Payment is expected the next business day. Transportation is available anywhere. Thanks again in advance for inquiring.

Winning Offer: $9,900.00

Dustyn Jackson
Laporte, Co 80535

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Item condition: New

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Highest bidder was: athoet

Name Time Offer Auto
athoet 01/22/2023 6:13 am $9,900.00
TColorado 01/22/2023 6:09 am $9,700.00
athoet 01/22/2023 5:52 am $9,500.00
TColorado 01/22/2023 5:39 am $9,300.00
athoet 01/22/2023 4:09 am $9,100.00
TColorado 01/20/2023 9:22 am $8,900.00
Jpierce 01/18/2023 11:24 pm $8,700.00
Westmoreland 01/18/2023 11:24 pm $8,500.00 Auto
Westmoreland 01/18/2023 11:21 pm $8,300.00 Auto
Jpierce 01/18/2023 11:21 pm $8,100.00
Westmoreland 01/18/2023 11:01 am $7,700.00
Jpierce 01/18/2023 11:01 am $7,500.00 Auto
Jpierce 01/18/2023 4:33 am $6,700.00 Auto
brad.benson 01/18/2023 4:33 am $6,500.00
Jpierce 01/17/2023 1:05 am $6,200.00
brad.benson 01/17/2023 1:05 am $6,000.00 Auto
brad.benson 01/16/2023 6:43 am $5,600.00 Auto
6maggies 01/16/2023 6:43 am $5,400.00
brad.benson 01/16/2023 6:43 am $5,000.00 Auto
6maggies 01/16/2023 6:43 am $4,800.00
brad.benson 01/16/2023 6:43 am $4,400.00 Auto
6maggies 01/16/2023 6:43 am $4,200.00
brad.benson 01/10/2023 8:34 am $4,000.00
Sale Started 01/09/2023 4:57 pm
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