Trystan Park/ Thea Park
Fort Collins, CO 80524


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Dutch Harness Horse

Thea & Trysten Park

Fort Collins, CO






Snip, Star, Stripe, LH/RH Stocking, LF High Sock, RF Partial Fetlock

Jumping, Dressage, Riding lessons, Trail riding, Driving, Ranch work, Mountain riding, Harness, Showmanship, Kid safe, family safe, Husband safe



Dutch Harness Horses is a breed of high stepping, selectively bred, elegant-looking equines!!

Supercalifragilistic is the definition of fancy!! You will not find a horse with as pretty movement, excellent work ethic, and sweet personality as this mare!!
Supercalifragilistic or “Cali” is a barn favorite! From teaching little kids riding lessons, both English and Western, to trail riding the Rocky Mountains, working around the ranch, and even pulling a cart, this mare has done a little bit of everything!!!
I have stuck ages 4-Elderly on this mare, and she takes care of everyone no matter who’s on her back. She has even done some jumping and made a very cute dressage mare (She will win the show ring with her fancy movements and responsive cues!)
Cali trailers well and loves our packs/ rides into the mountains is very sure-footed and has tons of endurance. We’ve taken her on 15–20-mile rides, and she returns with more life than all the other horses!
Cali will also go round up cows and is not scared to chase one; she is easy out in the open and has no buck, bolt, or rear.
Cali has an extended trot you wouldn’t believe and a smooth canter. She is responsive off your legs and knows voice commands as well. On top of her extensive riding AND driving knowledge, she is also just the friendliest mare we have; she’ll meet you at the gate, is easy to catch, and loves everybody. She’ll go turnout by herself or in a group and is fine either way.
She is extremely easy for the vet and farrier and loves bathing and brushing!!
I will be very sad to see this mare leave, as she was a personal favorite, but we are so excited for her to find her forever person and get to watch her future!

A little bit about Dutch Harness Horses! ⬇️

The Dutch Harness Horse is an elegant-looking, multitalented draft horse originating in the Netherlands. These horses are often used in agriculture, though Napoleon also utilized them for carrying artillery in the Russian Empire. The breed is a mix of Belgian, Arabian, and Belgian blood, which has made it extremely agile for its size. This breed has a high-stepping gait and stands anywhere from 14.3 to 16 hands.
The French have also embraced the Dutch Harness Horse as their national animal. This breed of high-stepping, elegant-looking equines is very rare (with 40 sires and fewer than 2,000 broodmares, the population is not large; Dutch Harness Horses are highly recognizable. In the past few years, a handful have come to North America, where they are used as sport and saddle seat horses.)
The French are particularly proud of this breed, as it is considered the finest draft horse in the world. A breed of this size and beauty was first developed in the 19th century. The horse breed’s name was inspired by the ancient Greek god Artemis, the goddess of light.
The Dutch Harness Horse is the country’s most popular sport horse. This breed is highly suited for dressage and eventing competitions. Although it is still a fairly new breed, it is already widely renowned for its high-stepping, elegant-looking gait and sturdy constitution. It is also known for its strength and endurance.

Trystan Park/ Thea Park
Fort Collins, CO 80524

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