Strawberry Shortcake

Thea Bekkedahl/Trysten Park
Fort Collins, Co 80524


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Horse Details


Thea Bekkedahl/Trysten Park

Fort Collins, CO


Dapple Red Roan




Snip, Star, Stripe, LH Fetlock, Blanket

4-H, Barrel racing, Roping, Sorting, Trail, Packing/Camping, Cross country, Hunter jumper


Strawberry Shortcake!

Strawberry is such a fun little horse!!!
Standing at 13.2 hands, this little mare has try and a heart bigger than her! We have done just about everything there is to do on a horse with her! She loves the mountains and is amazing on her feet, even in steep terrain. I’ve never been unsure when riding! She is well-versed in town and is not scared of trains, traffic, commotion, tubes, dogs, bikes, etc. She sees it every day!
She will follow our tractor or 4-wheeler around at feed time without flinching and is not scared of any machinery, tarps, bags, etc.!
Strawberry is also patterned on barrels and could quickly become a top 4-H gymkhana or local showhorse, as she has the speed and agility to win all of the events! We’ve roped off her and moved cows around the ranch as well as some sorting! She loves the thrill she finds when chasing and pushing them and is always up for the challenge. She can do flying lead changes and has been working on collecting, spins, and side passes. She would do well in a working cow horse class as well as she can circle a cow and cut it without a problem.
As well as her athletic ability in everything Western, she has started English and absolutely LOVES the cross-country course and would make an adorable hunter jumper as well! She has taught some lessons and is good with all ages but is a very forward horse and likes to have a job and move out. She is not a deadhead whatsoever!
She stands for the farrier and vet, Loads and hauls like a dream, is easy to bathe, tack, etc. and we haven’t seen her have a problem with any other horse in or out of the pasture!
Don’t miss out on Strawberry! She’s just as cute as a button and as fun as they come!

Winning Offer: $5,500.00

Thea Bekkedahl/Trysten Park
Fort Collins, Co 80524

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Wagdk 08/22/2023 4:00 pm $5,500.00 Auto
Wagdk 08/22/2023 3:55 pm $5,200.00 Auto
Kelia Tezak 08/22/2023 3:55 pm $5,000.00
Wagdk 08/22/2023 2:18 pm $4,800.00 Auto
Stonewell Farm 08/22/2023 2:18 pm $4,600.00
Wagdk 08/18/2023 1:54 pm $4,400.00
Rozy54 08/15/2023 11:41 am $4,200.00
Mariestevens22 08/15/2023 11:41 am $4,000.00 Auto
Mariestevens22 08/14/2023 10:45 am $3,800.00
hollygirl 08/14/2023 10:45 am $3,600.00 Auto
hollygirl 08/11/2023 3:55 pm $3,500.00
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