Spitfire’s Victoria

Adam Jokisch
Freeburg, IL 62243


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Horse Details

Missouri Foxtrotter

Adam Jokisch

Freeburg, IL







LH, RH Coronet

Rides Western & English, Pulls buggy, Trail, Gaited, Obstacles, Traffic safe, Works cattle.


Spitfires Victoria is a beautiful four-year-old mare, a black, registered Missouri Foxtrotter. Victoria has some of the best pedigree that you could ask for in the fox-trotting world. If you look at her pedigree, you’ll see that she has the great Missouri Traveler and Southern Sunrise, both horses which are in the Hall of Fame.
As you will see in the video, Victoria has been professionally trained with the natural horsemanship method. She has been ridden by almost everyone, from children to senior citizens. She is a very gentle, laid-back horse willing to do anything we have asked her to do. We have ridden hundreds of miles in the Ozarks on trails, highways, rivers, and so much more. So many people out there are a little bit timid and have a bad experience with horses. Victoria is the one that can help you build your confidence. She is easy to catch, handle, and load. As you can see in the videos, she also loves to pull the buggy. This is one of our gentlest, easy-going horses that we’ve ever put on the horse bay. Feel free to call us with any questions! Feel free to make an appointment to come by and ride her. Visitors are welcome! We have been breeders of registered Missouri Fox trotters for over 35 years. We have two farms. One is located in Freeburg, Illinois, and one is in Conway, Missouri. If you are lucky enough to win beautiful Victoria, we will be happy to set up transportation for you anywhere in the continental US. Thank you in advance for your consideration of this fine horse.

TEMPERAMENT: In my opinion, Victoria has a perfect temperament. She is easy to catch, shoe, and load in the trailer, bath, and so much more. We tried to do a lot of different scenarios in the video to show you how gentle this horse is. She’s got the disposition that is God-given; she was born gentle. When we go trail riding with a group of people, whoever has the least amount of experience always rides Victoria. She can be in the front of the trail in the middle or the back. It doesn’t matter to her. We have had children, senior citizens, and even people with some disabilities ride Victoria. Victoria is the first to walk up and lay her head in your arms in the pasture. She absolutely loves the attention.

Experience: Victoria has several hundred miles of trail experience and riding down the road, we have taken her out by herself or with a group of people, and she is always the same horse. Victoria has done cattle sorting and pulled a buggy.

Conformation: Victoria’s confirmation is really nice. Victoria could compete with that beautiful black color in any world-class show in any model competition.

Gaits: Victoria has a slow walk, running walk, and canter; she also loves to trot with the buggy.

Adam Jokisch
Freeburg, IL 62243

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