Southern Champagne Sunrise

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Horse Details

Missouri Foxtrotter

Fort Mill, SC







Gaited, Trail

Description: If you are ready for a new trail partner as the cooler weather approaches, then let me introduce you to a horse that is as mellow, smooth and sweet as a great glass of “Champagne”, which is her name.

I bought this horse as a 4 y/o from a top breeder of MFT’s in Missouri, and over the last four years, we have built on the great foundation of training that she came with.  She is out of the Southern Sunrise bloodline, and has the disposition to prove it.  I did not spend a lot of time teaching this mare tricks, as I concentrated more on making her a great riding partner.  She has become an awesome ring riding horse as well.  She’s been used in children’s birthday parties and ridden by children with just a halter.  She excels on the trails in groups of riders, as she does not care about her position in the line.  She can be 3-4 horse lengths back and could care less about being left!  She can be ridden with all kinds of horses and keep up with the pace, be it a quarter horse type walk, or a fast moving gaited horse.  She will cross water just fine; steps over logs, etc., without jumping them, goes through mud without a second thought.  She is not spooky.  Has been ridden around the neighborhood, and taken to various trail parks to ride. She is very sure footed going up and down hills.  She loads excellent and quickly!  She can be ridden bridle-less with leg commands, and has a good, solid whoa!  She is fine with dogs and our donkey.  Is very used to 4-wheelers, weed-eaters, blowers, a Bobcat grading machine.  Has had cap guns shot off of her.  Has been trained to work with therapy children using hula hoops, balls thrown from her, under her, around her, etc.   I am only selling her because I can’t give her the attention that she deserves.  I am 60 y/o and would trust her with anyone my age, older or younger.  Please feel free to come and see her or call me about her.  I want a great home for her!

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