Smokey by Yankee’s Speck

Doug Ripley
Decatur, AL 35603


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Horse Details

Speed Racking/Single Footer

Doug Ripley

Decatur, AL







Large star with a connected blaze, right front sock, both hind stockings

Gaited, neck reins, trail, and show


Smokey is a SHOBA registered Speed Racking/Single Footer. He is 15.1 hands with a very stout build. He has been ridden extensively in the Bankhead Forrest of North Alabama. He will cross water and logs, go up and down steep hills, and ride off-trail, and on the trail. We just spent a week in the mountains of TN. He will do what he is asked to do in a gentle and safe manner.
Smokey is a dream ride. He is very smooth with a perfect 4-beat gait ranging from 5-20 mph. He will go at high speeds and then return to a slow walk without any great effort from the rider. He does this gait naturally with keg shoes. He doesn’t require his riders to be experienced with gaited or speed horses to do his gait. He will gait naturally. If you have no experience with gaited horses, I will gladly show you how to continue to get this perfect 4-beat gait for years to come. As I stated, he will rack without you knowing how to get the rack but there is a simple way to guarantee he continues that gait every time you ride him.
No 20-mph horse is for a beginner rider, but Smokey is one that a rider who is not afraid or timid and has basic riding skills can enjoy for a lifetime. The fact is the more you ride him the better you will become. You will also be the envy of your fellow riders as they see how smooth and what speed you can ride with such ease.
Smokey is up to date on his worming and shots. All the required documents have been placed with this ad. You will see from the videos that he can do it all. He has such a smooth mouth and is so easy to slow down or stop. He will only give you speed if you ask for it. He is so easy to catch. He is the first to the gate when I come to the barn. He is also a dream on the picket line if you are doing primitive camping. This is your forever horse. He has been raised in a wonderful home and our desire is for him to go to a home that will continue to enjoy and love him.

Doug Ripley
Decatur, AL 35603

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