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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

Boyce, LA



Grey Sabino





Loping both leads, Field, Bareback, English, Western, Hackamore, Free-Lunging, Gaited, Trail


Shadow’s Pack’n Blue Heat, a.k.a ” Mercedes,” is dwelling on a 20-acre farm together with other Mares, Geldings, and a couple of yearlings She has been on the lookout for. Commonly, when she recognizes you, she will meet you at the gate or come when called. Out of range, a grain bucket Sound will get her attention to show up on her own.

Vices such as cribbage, weaving, kicking, biting, or rearing up have not yet been confronted with. Mercedes adjusted well to previous stable stalls at a boarding facility under the loafing shed/turnout. She is no stranger to general farm equipment like Tractors, ATVs, and Chainsaw sounds.

Daily interactions with Cats and dogs, desensitized to plastic bags, cracking whip all around her, ball over or underneath her, accustomed to surcingle, crop, saddlebag. No showing of distress, layering her body completely with Tarp, neither walking on nor dragging it. Collected at bathing, fly spray, or winter blanketing.

Willingly, without a ramp, steps- right up into the Trailer and, in the same fashion, back out. On trails, she will take the lead position; however, is yet satisfied in the middle or end of a group ride. (Compliant to your decision). Steps over obstacles, up and down elevated slopes, crosses through the waters. Mercedes moves on your bending cues, with small circles or around trees, barrels, through tight gates. She has a fabulous back-up, great Stop.

A disposition of heeding attentiveness equally relaxed, she does take naps during brushing or tacking up. Remains comfortable during the Farrier visits. She has great feet and is barefoot on a regular professional Hoof Trim schedule; likewise, arranged a deworming rotation routine as per recommendation.

Riding her bareback is a pleasure, with rather different speed options, versatile to both English and Western riding styles, utilizing alternate variations of a regular bit headstall, bosal, or Hackamore. When using Hackamore, she will help you to slip her head into it. You could mount her from the Picknick table/ bench, Tractor tire, patio deck, and mounting block; she will stand quietly—applied training fundamentals as in Join-Up Free-lunging in Round Pen.

Is she a Perfect Horse? No! Ultimately, whoever gets her will experience plenty of joy and have a wealth of adventures, future opportunities, and possibilities. Mercedes is truly an easy keeper, has a clean bill of health, and a friendly, pleasant demeanor. I appreciate your consideration. *All tack purchase options include*

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