Ruby (Rue)

Madisen Kiernan
Fort Collins, CO 80524


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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

Madisen Kiernan

Fort Collins, CO


Red Roan Tobiano




Small dot on chin

Trail, Family, All Around


Ruby, also known as Rue, is the cutest little mare with the best trail brain out there. This mare truly enjoys life and has yet to not be excited to get out and work. She has made her sole purpose of pleasing her rider and having fun with her human. Whether alone or in a group, this mare will go to the ends of the earth. From mountains to city riding, I have taken this mare everywhere, or more life, she has taken me everywhere. She does great in and out of an arena and has had kids and less experienced riders on her. She’s a straight shooter point and go and moves out beautifully and smoothly. Rue would make an excellent hunting horse, endurance horse, or just pleasure horse for trails. She’s super easy to be around and gets noticed wherever she goes. She has her whole life ahead of her and loves her job! She is easy to catch, groom, saddle, etc. She will hop right in the trailer and back or turn around, whichever is asked of her. She is not herd bound and is content to just be with her human. She enjoys baths as well as playing in the water. Your farrier will also love her, and she is very well behaved. Rue has been taken on all-day rides and comes home ready to ride again. She has seen all kinds of livestock and wildlife and is both curious and brave. She gets along well with other horses and has more of a puppy personality than a horse.

Madisen Kiernan
Fort Collins, CO 80524

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