Kayla Gothard/Landon Knight
Brigham City, UT 84302


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Kentucky Mountain

Kayla Gothard/ Landon Knight

Brigham City, UT







Description: Rubia is the willing partner you’ve always wanted. She is as fancy broke and smooth as they come. She stops on a dime, spins, neck reins and sidepasses like a reining horse. Rubia isn’t just your typical pretty, but good for straight lines only gaited horse. She is a very soft, willing partner. Rubia needs no bridle or saddle to be ridden in the arena, on the trail or down your busy Main Street.  She has been through Clinton Anderson’s fundamentals, intermediate and advanced series. In addition to knowing all of the groundwork in Clinton’s series she will also sidepass towards and away from you on the ground, follow you around like a puppy dog without a halter at liberty, line up to any object you point at to be mounted and lay down on cue. She isn’t scared of anything and has been desensitized to everything from tarps, guns, whips, motorcycles- you name it, she’s seen it. She has been ridden in several parades. She is not buddy or barn sour.
She has also been a model horse for several bridal shoots.
Contrary to most horses, she doesn’t get intimidated in unfamiliar situations. She loves going new places and learning new things. Of course, she is also great at things that every average horse can do. She stands to be tied, is great with her feet, stands for baths and is easy to worm and vaccinate. If you’re looking for the perfect fancy broke trail horse that is both kid and husband safe, she is your gal!

Kayla Gothard/Landon Knight
Brigham City, UT 84302

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