Rosie’s Rhett Butler

Kathleen Youngblom
Duluth, MN 55804


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Horse Details

Gypsy Vanner

Kathleen Youngblom

Duluth, MN








Drives, rides, farm hand, family friend.


Rhett is the sweetest 5 yr old Gypsy Vanner you will ever meet. Up to date on everything. He loves to drive as much as he loves to ride trails or roads! Registered and standing at 15.2 hands, he will easily be the most handsome horse in the pasture as he alternates between his four shades of chestnut with his beautiful blaze markings and stunning feathers! He has a gorgeous curly mane and tail. Above his beauty, though, is his one-of-a-kind personality.

Easiest horse to catch, he comes up excited to be worked! He rides out as easily alone as he does with his friends! He walks out nicely in front, rides in the middle or back, he is not fussy. He spins, side steps, stops on a dime and drives like a dream. He’s been roped off, exposed to dogs, tarps, ATVs, balls, machinery; you name it. If a grouse or dog runs out while we are on a ride, he will calmly sink down in a wide low stance and doesn’t ever spook, which is great for the beginner riders we have had on him. He stands quietly for Ferrier, vaccinations, and wormings and loves a good grooming. Since his birth, he has been handled with love, so he is most eager to please! Whether it’s being a helpful farmhand, a lazy saunter through the trails, or a drive to town, he is genuinely happy when he makes his handler proud!

He loads by himself and hauls quietly. We have gaited horses, and although he is not that, he is comfortable and smooth to ride when he steps up. He is very patient when giving rides to kids. Husband safe. He has no vices though he does love an apple every once in a while! Doesn’t buck, bolt, bite, or rear. At the moment, he is barefoot and sound.  He can be shoed if driving on roads. He is a happy horse who loves being connected to the family. He is affectionate and finds a way to form a unique bond with everyone he meets. He has so much personality. When leaving the pasture, he always stands by the gate until he’s sure I’m not coming back before he goes to play with his friends.

From day one, Rhett has been a hands-on horse. Shortly after he came to us, I was working in the pasture laying out a tarp for the hoop tent; after a moment of watching what I was doing, he started pawing at the tarp, trying to help. When I sweetly told him not to, he then went to pull the corner of the tarp back with his teeth. Not wanting him to rip it, I kindly told him no thanks; with his sweet little lips, he reached up and pulled the tarp back ever so gently. He is the most eager to please. Often caught between his love for his humans and his pasture pals. When given the option to run with the other horses or receive a few more moments of riding, driving, brushing, or petting, he will always choose his human. He is very motivated to get it right. Whatever the task at hand, he wants to be involved and get his atta boy! He has been a dear loving friend, and though it brings me much sadness to see him go, he will make you very happy!

Winning Offer: $15,501.00

Kathleen Youngblom
Duluth, MN 55804

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sp2007 05/01/2022 9:16 am $15,501.00
jdmoreland 05/01/2022 9:16 am $15,500.00 Auto
jdmoreland 05/01/2022 9:11 am $15,300.00 Auto
sp2007 05/01/2022 9:11 am $15,201.00
jdmoreland 05/01/2022 9:08 am $15,000.00 Auto
sp2007 05/01/2022 9:08 am $14,800.00
jdmoreland 05/01/2022 9:03 am $14,200.00
sp2007 05/01/2022 9:02 am $14,000.00 Auto
jdmoreland 05/01/2022 9:02 am $13,900.00
sp2007 05/01/2022 8:59 am $13,700.00
jdmoreland 05/01/2022 8:59 am $13,500.00 Auto
jdmoreland 05/01/2022 8:58 am $13,200.00
sp2007 05/01/2022 8:58 am $13,000.00 Auto
sp2007 05/01/2022 8:58 am $12,800.00 Auto
Salem 05/01/2022 8:58 am $12,600.00
sp2007 05/01/2022 8:56 am $12,400.00 Auto
1of2bunnys 05/01/2022 8:56 am $12,200.00
sp2007 05/01/2022 8:55 am $12,000.00 Auto
Monarch 05/01/2022 8:55 am $11,800.00
sp2007 05/01/2022 8:54 am $11,600.00
Monarch 05/01/2022 8:52 am $11,400.00
sp2007 05/01/2022 8:52 am $11,200.00 Auto
Monarch 05/01/2022 8:52 am $11,000.00
sp2007 05/01/2022 8:52 am $10,800.00 Auto
Monarch 05/01/2022 8:52 am $10,600.00
sp2007 05/01/2022 8:23 am $10,400.00
Monarch 05/01/2022 5:58 am $10,200.00
elusiveelegance 05/01/2022 5:58 am $10,000.00 Auto
elusiveelegance 04/30/2022 4:00 am $9,800.00 Auto
LLC77 04/30/2022 4:00 am $9,600.00
elusiveelegance 04/29/2022 3:22 pm $9,400.00 Auto
LLC77 04/29/2022 3:22 pm $9,200.00
elusiveelegance 04/29/2022 3:13 pm $9,000.00 Auto
LLC77 04/29/2022 3:13 pm $8,800.00
elusiveelegance 04/29/2022 9:31 am $8,600.00 Auto
LLC77 04/29/2022 9:31 am $8,400.00
elusiveelegance 04/29/2022 9:19 am $8,200.00 Auto
LLC77 04/29/2022 9:19 am $8,000.00
elusiveelegance 04/29/2022 8:20 am $7,800.00 Auto
LLC77 04/29/2022 8:20 am $7,600.00
elusiveelegance 04/29/2022 7:51 am $7,400.00 Auto
LLC77 04/29/2022 7:51 am $7,200.00
elusiveelegance 04/29/2022 7:50 am $7,000.00 Auto
LLC77 04/29/2022 7:50 am $6,800.00
elusiveelegance 04/29/2022 7:49 am $6,600.00 Auto
LLC77 04/29/2022 7:49 am $6,400.00
elusiveelegance 04/20/2022 5:15 am $6,200.00
Manytails 04/20/2022 5:15 am $6,000.00 Auto
Manytails 04/17/2022 11:15 am $5,000.00
Sale Started 04/14/2022 10:30 am
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