Craig Downs
Loretto, KY 40037

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Rocky Mountain Horse

Craig Downs

Loretto, KY







Trail Riding, Gaited


Rocky is a 5 yr old Rocky Mountain horse. He’s Buckskin with his mane,tail and legs chocolate in color. He’s been trail rode the last 3 yrs in Ky and Tennessee. But rode on large rides with big group of horses as well as ridden by himself. No problem being the 1st horse or the last. Will go where ever you point him. Crosses creeks,climbs hills and crosses fallen trees with ease. Rocky has plenty of stamina with lots of heart. Will go all day over ant terrain without wearing down. He’s been my riding horse for the last 3 yrs but my wife and daughter have ridden on rides as well. Can’t beat the beautiful color and smooth gait with this horse.

Winning Offer: $5,900.00

Craig Downs
Loretto, KY 40037

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anetastep18 08/21/2023 2:54 pm $5,900.00 Auto
David12 08/21/2023 2:54 pm $5,700.00
anetastep18 08/21/2023 2:43 pm $5,500.00 Auto
David12 08/21/2023 2:43 pm $5,300.00
anetastep18 08/21/2023 2:35 pm $5,100.00 Auto
David12 08/21/2023 2:35 pm $4,900.00
anetastep18 08/05/2023 9:57 am $4,700.00
koba 08/05/2023 9:57 am $4,500.00 Auto
anetastep18 08/05/2023 9:57 am $4,300.00
koba 08/05/2023 9:56 am $3,900.00 Auto
anetastep18 08/05/2023 9:56 am $3,700.00
koba 08/03/2023 5:04 pm $3,500.00
Sale Started 08/02/2023 5:25 pm
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