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Granger, IA






Blaze, 4 white stockings

Driving, Riding


Take advantage of this big, beautiful Belgian gelding! Flashy with all the chrome, he will get you noticed, whether in the arena or out on the trail. Rocky is a well-put-together gelding that carries himself naturally with a lot of presence.

Rocky is easy to work around and will stand for long periods of time to be groomed. Cross ties, straight ties. Knows his boundaries when being led. Is used to the blower and being bathed. He is good around farm equipment, dogs, light traffic, etc. He will stand for the farrier without stocks and is well-behaved for the vet. He lives outside with other draft horses but can also be stalled without issues. Not buddy sour when he comes in for work. He is currently barefoot with good hoof walls. Stands patiently for harnessing and saddling.

This big guy knows how to lunge! He’s still working on a canter in a smaller circle. He has had a lot of groundwork, from ground driving to de-sensitizing with tarps, pool noodles, and other objects. He’ll walk over the tarp or carry it around for you on his back. Climb up on the arena rail, and he will step right up to you to mount. Knows how to move his body parts with flag work.

Rocky is educated to drive double. He has just had six months of additional driving training after being started slow. He has been driven on roadways and trails and has had arena work. Rocky is not a beginner’s horse but has been driven by beginners under the supervision of a professional trainer and has done well. He would be best suited for an intermediate-advanced driver.

Don’t let his size fool you! He is very athletic for his size, making him a great addition to your riding program. Recently started under saddle and loving it! He has had a handful of rides on him at the walk and is comfortably trotting around already. Rocky has a big, beautiful ground-covering trot and is a smooth ride for his size. He will also happily walk along when asked. He is started on the basics of moving off your leg and is soft in the bridle. Backs with ease. Stands to be mounted and unmounted like a gentleman.

He is super sweet and easy to get along with. Rocky always greets our guests at the fence and is the first one wanting to be caught to come in. He loves people and attention, which makes him a favorite in our unmounted equine-assisted learning programs.

Rocky is very versatile and, with his great foundation of training, is ready to be taken in any direction. With some more time, he would be quiet enough for trail rides and athletic enough for arena work. Jumping? Maybe even dressage! Need a big string horse for the mountains? Heck, he might even have jousting in his future.

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