Thea Bekkedahl/Trysten Park
Fort Collins, CO 80524


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Quarter Horse

Thea Bekkedahl/Trysten Park

Fort Collins, CO







Family horse, Sorting, Roping, Western pleasure, Cross country, Hunter jumper, Lesson horse, Packing, Hunting, Bombproof


Reba is truly a one-of-a-kind mare who can and will do anything you ask! Reba stands at 14.1 with a heart and tries bigger than her!

Reba makes an awesome addition to the family, as she is safe for just about any rider you put on top of her! I’ve had riders as young as five on her to elderly or just inexperienced! She cares for everyone and knows when she’s supposed to babysit! She also taught my siblings some English lessons and is a super cute cross-country or hunter jumper! Reba is very basic broke and does not have many buttons, making her the ideal candidate for kiddos (or adults!) learning to ride!

Even though Reba makes a wonderful family and is laid back, Mount can also get up and go when asked! She can track a cow, drag almost anything, and compete in the sorting ring!
She is not quick until asked!

Reba trails out alone or in groups and doesn’t care if she leads or is all by herself; she’ll cross just about anything and loves swimming!
Reba has been in town and around big crowds, and you can’t find something that scares this mare! We even took her downtown Fort Collins on a Friday night. Talk about chaos! She handled it all in stride and didn’t flinch at anything!

Reba has also been up to the mountains and will work all day for you without getting slow or lazy. She has also packed, and her previous owners did some hunting on her!

From roping to mountain and town riding to caring for the kiddos, this mare is trustworthy and up for the task. Check out her video to see just how bombproof she is!
Reba’s daughter “Mercedes” is also available on thehorsebay!

Thea Bekkedahl/Trysten Park
Fort Collins, CO 80524

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