Jarod Smith
Des Moines, IA 50317


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Racking Horse

Jarod Smith

De Moines, IA


Steel Gray





Pulls cart, Trail, Gaited, Racing


Meet Radar, a steel gray Racking horse gelding that is extremely fun and a smooth horse to ride.

Radar has been clocked racing at 32MPH at “Racking on Edge,” which is an event we attended. He is suitable for an average rider, and he has a very smooth rack and varies speeds, transferring into a pace of 33 MPH. Radar can go from a calm disposition to an aggressive disposition when on his back and can shift from one to the other very quickly. He has an extremely good confirmation on top lines and vertical lines with an excellent headset, his head tucked all the time, even during a bow. He will neck rein, plow rein or work with a loose rein. He is soft in the mouth unless it comes to racing; then, he will switch. 

Radar has gone through daily training for three years now. He enjoys being groomed,  bathed, clipped, saddled, and will stand for the Ferrier. Radar can also pull a cart, swim in deep or shallow water, will come to you out in a pasture/stall, and be ridden double. He has experienced dogs, livestock, heavy farm machines, traffic, water, children, and trail riding on and off the trails. When trail riding, Radar does not mind being in the front, middle, back, or away from the others. He has an independent mind and is not herd sour. 

Radar Loads without hesitation on a slant load and two horse straight loads with or without a ramp; when unloading, Gently pull on his tail, and he will comfortably find his footing on his way out of any trailer, even if it’s higher than normal. He has been to a few events and camping trips like Eminence, Racking on the Edge, and Elk Rock.

Please call with any questions or to make arrangements to come to try him out.

Jarod Smith
Des Moines, IA 50317

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