Pusher’s Patrol (Petey)

Leigh Stuart
Bowling Green, KY 42101


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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

Leigh Stuart

Bowling Green, KY







Star Stripe, Stocking

Loping, Trails, Water, Gunfire, Gaited, Parks Out


Pusher’s Patrol (Petey) is one very special Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding. At only four years of age, he’s already accomplished so much. This is a testimony to his kind, willing attitude, along with true “smarts!”

Occasionally we are blessed with an outstanding individual that wants to please… that describes this gentle giant perfectly. Petey is up to date on all vaccines, dental work, and Coggins.

Not only does he already stand at an impressive 16+ hands (and still growing), he will be sure to impress everyone with his natural class and style. There are many big horses out there, but Petey will catch everyone’s attention with his elegant long neck and classy head carriage. And he has just enough chrome to make him stand out in a crowd. Petey takes beautiful long strides and covers lots of ground with every step. He has a soft, willing mouth that’s responsive to his riders’ cues. He is voice command ready for you to say “walk “at any time. You’ll feel confident chatting with friends out on a slow, calm ride, or he’s ready to take you up and down banks with his big, impressive hip. Petey is already a large individual who will continue to grow and fill out to be an impressive mount.

Things that will make Petey stand out from all the others, and will make you fall in love with him, and his ability to learn quickly. He’s going to be your favorite horse because he will always be trying to please you. He has certainly impressed me.
Petey is happy to be in his stall or turned out in the pasture. He’s going to be watching for you and will head your way when you need him. Once you’ve got him in the crossties, he loves being brushed, responds quickly to picking up all four feet to clean. Stands still and quiet. He doesn’t mind being fly sprayed, clipped, or tacked up. This horse has impeccable crosstie manners. When the day is done, feel free to wash him off, even his face… he loves it!
He might even politely ask for his treat as you head to the bag! Such a sweet little sound.

When you’re ready to mount up, Petey will quietly park out, (when he parks out, he’s 15.2) stand at a mounting block, and be quiet as a church mouse until you ask him to move off. Haven’t we all had enough of those horses that take off like a bat out of you know where while we are trying to get on and get our stirrups! You can count on Petey!

If you’re in a load-and-go situation… once again, expect only the best. He quietly walks on and off any type of trailer. Ramps, no problem. Backing out, a piece of cake.
He transports so well you’ll wonder if he’s even back there!

Many geldings are quiet but lack personality… not Petey… the more attention you give him, the more he’s going to give you. He wants to learn more and more. He’s even learned to lay down.

Petey has been used in several different situations to test his skill. So far, he’s making an A. The videos will show his progress, and he’s making great strides. He’s been on trail rides, introduced to water, up and down slopes. He has had a gun fired beside him and on top of his back. You can twirl a bullwhip over and under while he remains calm. He’s been ridden down the road by heavy traffic and even used in riding lessons. He drags and walks over a tarp. He’s quickly learning all his leg aids. I’ve exposed him to multiple riders, so he doesn’t become a one-person horse. Each rider having varied skills. He’s eager to please each one.
He’s happy in a crowd or alone. Petey has no bad habits or vices such as biting, rearing, running back to the barn, or anything else that I can think of. Petey is a top-notch individual.

If you’re looking for your dream horse, you’ve just found him. It’s going to be a Match!

Winning Bidder is responsible to pick up Petey within 5 days or there will be an additional boarding fee. Petey is located in Bowling Green, Ky.

Winning Offer: $12,200.00

Leigh Stuart
Bowling Green, KY 42101

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Item condition: New

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ReconUsmc 02/27/2022 4:11 pm $12,200.00 Auto
Bruno 02/27/2022 4:11 pm $12,000.00
ReconUsmc 02/15/2022 5:15 pm $10,200.00
gregkesler 02/15/2022 5:15 pm $10,000.00 Auto
gregkesler 02/15/2022 3:07 pm $7,700.00 Auto
marti337 02/15/2022 3:07 pm $7,500.00
gregkesler 02/15/2022 2:43 pm $7,200.00 Auto
Lhavin 02/15/2022 2:43 pm $7,000.00
gregkesler 02/15/2022 2:42 pm $6,200.00 Auto
Lhavin 02/15/2022 2:42 pm $6,000.00
gregkesler 02/15/2022 2:41 pm $5,500.00 Auto
Lhavin 02/15/2022 2:41 pm $5,300.00
gregkesler 02/15/2022 2:40 pm $5,000.00 Auto
Lhavin 02/15/2022 2:40 pm $4,800.00
gregkesler 02/15/2022 12:33 pm $4,100.00 Auto
Bet65 02/15/2022 12:33 pm $3,900.00
gregkesler 02/14/2022 5:23 pm $3,700.00
marti337 02/14/2022 7:50 am $3,500.00
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