Playboys Southern Grace “Abby”


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Horse Details

Missouri Foxtrotter

Maidens, VA







Star, Stripe; Snip covering right nostril; Lower lip; Both rear 3/4 stockings

Trails, Gaited, Obstacles


Playboy’s Southern Grace, aka Abby, is a 9-year-old Missouri Foxtrotter mare.  She is a gorgeous dark palomino with a pure white tail and mane and a blaze and two rear socks.  She is fearless on the trail and will calmly navigate any terrain that she encounters.  She crosses bridges, water, downed trees, steep hills, and rough, rocky trails without hesitation.  She is unflappable with random wildlife, including squirrels, deer, and turkey, which are abundant in the areas where she has been ridden.  She is good with dogs and allows my Jack Russell terrier to ride on her back.  She has 100s of miles of trail rides on her, many nights of camping, and has seen everything there is to see.

Her flatfoot walk and running walk are the best of the best; you will not ride a smoother-going horse than Abby.  She is extremely athletic, and her transitions from a walk to a gait and to a lope and back down are the best.  She is a forward-leaning horse with a great flat foot walk but will slow to a dead walk if that is what you prefer. She will accept any position in a trail group, lead, middle, or back.  She is royally bred in the fox Trotter world, and her pedigree includes Southern Playboy, Southern Sunrise, Southern Jazz, Crowns Royal M., and The Legend M.

She is excellent on the ground and will go anywhere you lead her.  She loads and backs off trailers without issue, stands for the farrier, and loves grooming and a bath. She was born on my farm out of one of my mares and is up to date on vaccines, worming, and has had her teeth floated on a regular basis.  She is easy to catch and loves human attention.  If you are looking for a great, smooth-gaited trail horse, you will not find a better one than Abby.

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