Peppys Telesis (Lena)

Natalie Chamberlain
Fort Collins CO 80524


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Horse Details

American Quarter Horse

Natalie Chamberlain

Fort Collins, CO






Star, Snip, LH pastern

Finished cow horse, seasoned trail, mountain and ranch horse, can ride bridleless, has a fair amount of show miles as well


Peppys Telesis aka Lena
Finished in reined cow, roped calves off her and drug them to the fire. Ranch broke. Trail broke. She is soft and supple in every way, flying changes, spins, slides, rides bridleless, zero spook, kid-safe as long as your kid can steer.
She has all the buttons, if you know how to ask. She isn’t a deadhead and does have to get up and go. It would be best with a light-handed rider due to all her training.
I planned to keep her forever, but I really need to downsize some of my mares and get more of what I want breeding wise.
After time off, she is the same, never does anything naughty (no buck, bite, rear, spook, etc.)
Sound with no maintenance.
No vices.
This is a really nice mare who deserves the best home!

Natalie Chamberlain
Fort Collins CO 80524

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Auction expired without reaching reserve price

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