Ol Doc White (Doc)

Dillon Hughes
London, KY 40744


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Rough Creek Horses

London, KY







Ranch, Reining, Doctoring, Trail


Ol Doc White is a beautiful Perlino, Gelding, standing 14.3hh, weighing 1150lbs, is five years old, Reg AQHA, with a nice pedigree. Doc has been used on a ranch and has done everything that you can name around the ranch… he has pastured roped, drug calves to the fire for brandings, cut and sort pairs, doctored sick ones in the pasture, rode fences… you name it, and he will do it! He is laid back and gentle. He will cross creeks, ditches, and logs and navigate rough rocky areas. He is traffic safe. He has the smoothest western pleasure type jog that you will set on, a very nice slow collected lope, a good stop, turns around fancy, and backs with ease! He has had 30 days of professional reining training. Doc is a confident horse on the trails and will lead the crew, head out alone or follow behind with no issues! He will go up or down even the steepest slopes, across deep creeks, over downed trees, and over all types of rough terrain while still being sure-footed. If you want a horse different from your friends and trail riding group… doc is sure to be that horse! If you have any questions, call Dillon

Winning Offer: $5,300.00

Dillon Hughes
London, KY 40744

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Paul1050 10/30/2022 7:45 am $5,300.00
Krobin69 10/30/2022 5:06 am $5,100.00
Paul1050 10/30/2022 5:06 am $5,000.00 Auto
Paul1050 10/30/2022 5:05 am $4,900.00 Auto
Krobin69 10/30/2022 5:05 am $4,700.00
Paul1050 10/30/2022 2:19 am $4,500.00 Auto
Johnpaulkelly 10/30/2022 2:19 am $4,300.00
Paul1050 10/29/2022 8:51 am $4,100.00
Krobin69 10/29/2022 4:29 am $3,900.00
Wilburn650 10/28/2022 4:43 am $3,700.00
Sandra Fox 10/28/2022 4:43 am $3,500.00 Auto
Sandra Fox 10/25/2022 6:12 am $3,300.00
Seymour 10/22/2022 11:54 am $3,100.00
HAPPYHEATHERC 10/22/2022 5:03 am $2,900.00
Seymour 10/21/2022 6:58 am $2,700.00
98Wildlife 10/21/2022 6:58 am $2,600.00 Auto
98Wildlife 10/20/2022 3:24 pm $2,500.00
Sale Started 10/17/2022 7:23 pm

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