Nugget’s Sassy Perfection GD (Cookie)

Damon Buehrer
Collinsville, IL 62234


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Horse Details

Missouri Foxtrotter

Damon Buehrer

Collinsville, IL







Tobiano; Star; Stripe; snip lip

Gaited, Trail, Ranch work, Cow work, Cowboy dressage, Obstacles


Cookie” is a 5-year-old, GORGEOUS registered Fox trotter mare.  From her naturally curly mane, super cute head, and near flawless conformation, she is certain to stand out in any crowd.  “Cookie” has been trained through the intermediate and most of the advanced in the Clinton Anderson Method for groundwork and riding exercises, and with that, he has incredible body control.  She will independently move her forequarters and hindquarters on the ground and under the saddle. She is very soft in the rib cage, and poll, and has a wonderful, light mouth.  She bridles up well at the walk, gait, and canter, rates your seat for a whoa, and melts into a soft, correct backup.  “Cookie” is very light in the sides and can be ridden with leg pressure alone, but also neck reins well!   She’s the same horse each day you work her and is always easy to catch.  “Cookie” does great in a stall, paddock, or field and settles in nicely wherever she is.  Her groundwork is incredible, and she picks up on exercises quickly.  “Cookie” will side pass to any object to help her rider mount and dismount easily.  You can pick up anything off her back and side-pass to open and close gates.  She drops her head to bridle, and we mount and dismount from both of her sides.  We have ridden cookie barefoot, and she has wonderful, hard feet.  She’s also worn shoes and stands like a lady for the farrier.

“Cookie” has been ridden EVERYWHERE and by everyone.  We’ve used her on our ranch to pony other horses, work cattle, and as a trail guide horse, along with being ridden by dozens of beginners on the trail.  She has been used in our lesson program by kids as young as five and has carried grandparents on our trails and in parades.  Cookie is also completely desensitized to riding with dogs at all gaits!  We’ve ridden her along highways, across concrete and wooden bridges, in heavy traffic, drug objects with her; you name it, we’ve exposed her to it!  She currently resides at a stable with a brewery on site, so she’s seen it all:  Hundreds of people, festivals with loud bands, backhoes, dozers, ATVs, loud clunky trailers, and even witnessed over 1500 cyclists zoom past her stall for bike races on site.    If you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime, beautiful companion whose abilities won’t max out, “Cookie” is your girl!   We feel she would excel in cowboy dressage and competitive trail and has enough cow sense and drive to herd cattle in the pen or out on a ranch!

Damon Buehrer
Collinsville, IL 62234

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