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Gretta Graceland
Cape Coral, FL 33914


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Missouri Foxtrotter

Gretta Graceland

Fort Myers, FL







Blaze, Lower Lip White, LR/RH Stockings

Trail, Gaited


Noah! (Aka…Fabio! Or PrettyBoy) Always the barn favorite and full of personality- he is a 12-year-old Sorrel flaxen mane, trail Gelding standing at 15.1 hands high. Buyers often seek a comprehensive history on a horse and he has lots of experience in many things. Noah has worked cows, roped, and shot guns off his back… that was when he was 3 and when I bought him 10 years ago off the Horse Bay! Noah has Champion bloodlines in the show circuit too!
Since then Noah has been a star in a short film and my personal trail horse. He walks out alone or with a pack of other horses. He is comfortable In pastures, city streets, deep woods with very narrow passages, and day trips for some fun trail rides. He loads and unloads like a champ. Noah lives for his food and treats of Apples, carrots. He has always been sound and ready to ride. I have used a bosel, a soft bit, (or halter when I felt lazy…) I use legs more than hands but he is trained to neck rein or I just poke his neck and he turns! He can walk slower if he has to but he prefers to do his moderate walk. He has a solid walk, Gaited fox trot, and super smooth canter. I have been the only rider these last 10 years. But when I have stuck a person on his back… he just takes care of them.
Over the past ten years with me, Noah has been actively used for ponying young and young adult horses at our farm we sold a few years ago.
Noah has a super smooth gait, accommodating any rider and boosting confidence levels. He is an excellent choice for the entire family to ride and enjoy, with the ability to handle steep slopes, water crossings, downed trees, mud, and ditches. His easygoing nature extends to being easy to catch, clip, bathe, tack up, load, and handle. Noah approaches every task with a positive attitude.
Whether you’re an experienced rider or a beginner, Noah is a horse that will win your heart. If you’re looking for a reliable riding partner and a good friend, come see Noah for yourself.
For any inquiries, PLEASE, feel free to contact me. Noah is currently located in Fort Myers, Florida.

note: Noah is papered, I never did anything with them but filed them away because he is a gelding and I never planned on selling him. After three moves and the last move from MN to Florida, I cant find his papers! I have contacted to Missouri Fox Trotter association and replacement papers will be sent to me.
I’m selling my favorite horse of ALL time because I have a terrible back. I have a compression fracture, bulging disc and will need knee replacement surgery. Falling apart here but Noah is not. I rode him twice a month and having a horse in Florida is triple anywhere else. It takes me a week to recover from any ride… in the videos other people were helping me get the videos. I was not allowed to ride him due to my back/knee. These people literally just got on him and I videotaped. One part of the video us funny… My husband saddling Noah. He didn’t know how to cinch him up! So I had to jump in. Also. You can crawl under Noah. But my back wouldn’t let me bend enough! So I did my best. If there is a new video of me on him. It will only be a walk and gaited trot. I cannot handle the canter right now. The people riding him are not fox trotting people. They did their best to help me with the videos. And.. the video of the young girl in the red shirt… That was her Second ride on a horse- EVER! Her father too. Too bad they were not ready to buy then.
Noah has so much to give. I want him to have a forever home with people who will adore and respect him as much as he deserves. Which he deserves a lot. He always gives me his best. Someone will be getting a darn nice horse and a good friend. He has made us all laugh many times.
I can get references. I can get past vet information. He is completely up to date on vaccines and I only worm him after doing a fecal ck. Then I know if and what he needs. His teeth were floated in May of 2022 and sheath cleaned then too. How can you not fall in love with Noah? He is a once in a lifetime horse.

Gretta Graceland
Cape Coral, FL 33914

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