Miss Daisy

Krissy Asher
Mount Vernon, Ky 40456


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Horse Details

Walkaloosa Mule

Krissy Asher

Mount Vernon, KY


Black Appaloosa




Blanket, star

Gaited, Trail, Trail Obstacle, Driving, Beginner, Parade, Lesson


Everyone, I want you all to meet the sweetest little mule you will ever be around!! Daisy is a beautiful 14.2hh Walkaloosa mare mule. Yes, you heard me right, WALKALOOSA MULE. This little girl is a gaited machine and all natural!! We were lucky enough to buy Daisy off from my husband’s uncle, who has had her for the last several years! She was one of the family pets! They had trail rode her all over and took her on countless wagon rides! Yes, not only does Daisy ride, but she will also drive. She will hook up both single and double and loves her job! They have plowed gardens with her, mowed hay, and taken the whole family out on the wagon. Daisy has a puppy dog personality. She will beat you to the gate and wants to be right in your pocket. She is super sweet and easy to do anything with. She will stand super quietly tied. Loves to be groomed, bathed, and clipped. She is perfect for the farrier as well. She is easy to saddle and bridle and will always stand dead still to be mounted. Daisy is very easy to ride if you can sit there, you can ride her. She is definitely safe for all levels of riders. She has a very soft, easy mouth and a great stop and reverse. As I said earlier, Daisy is good, gaited, and all-natural. She can walk out like a horse and gait along down the road. She would be versatile because she could ride with both gaited and non-gaited horses. Daisy is extremely quiet and relaxed. She will walk along slowly and easily all day if you want. But she can move on out as well. She also has a very smooth canter that she will fall right into. Daisy is super safe in traffic and around farm equipment and ATVs. Great with livestock and wildlife as well. Nothing bothers this little girl. She is outstanding on the trail. Very sure-footed and easygoing. She will ride anywhere in the group as well. She will cross all types of water, slippery rocks, and fallen trees. If you are looking for that special equine partner that the whole family will love, I promise you won’t find another like Miss Daisy!! Please feel free to call or text me with any questions and set up a time to come out for a ride!! Thank you for looking!!

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Krissy Asher
Mount Vernon, Ky 40456


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Pattymoomoo 09/26/2022 12:47 pm $3,900.00
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