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Horse Details

American Paint Horse

Lockport, NY



Palomino Overo





Ranch riding, Trail riding, Ranch versatility, Driving, English hunter on the flat, Leadline, Lesson horse, Dressage


Gorgeous Registered Palomino Paint Mare

14 years old

She’s got the brains and athletic ability!

Luna has a confident and sweet disposition with very low energy. She is a trail horse deluxe! She would also make a great youth horse! Nothing phases Luna. She is easygoing and loves attention! She excels in the hunter and eventing world, great movement! Rides English or Western but goes better English. Goes better bit less than in a bit. We ride her in a rope halter most of the time. She has been trained from the ground up and has a great foundation of skills.

Luna is an exceptional kid’s horse for all ages. She loves the trail, but we have bad winters in Buffalo, NY, where she lives. So currently, we are riding indoors. She is a great beginner horse and enjoys being groomed, has impeccable ground manners, and enjoys being doted upon.

Luna is Gorgeous! Great color and a solid build!

Luna was owned by the Amish and was trained to drive, but we haven’t driven her since we got her in 2020. According to her previous owner, she’s had a foal before and was a great mom. This mare has a beautiful disposition and is used in our lesson program. She loves children, is quiet on the ground, and puts up with nonsense well. She has extensive desensitization and has been a part of many different ranch programs. We hate to see her go, but we need to downsize. She would make an outstanding beginner/youth or leadline horse for the kiddos and has a very smooth lope.

Her movement is very hunter-style. We have not jumped her, and she’s not trained to jump, but we don’t see a reason she wouldn’t be able to do that if you wanted to. She goes over ground poles nicely and is worked over poles to keep her in shape.

-15 hands
-easy keeper
-line lunges, free lunges, and joins up, double line drives, reportedly drives, but we haven’t tried it

We noticed that Luna does have difficult heat cycles. We do have her on progesterone shots to manage this. She could also be on regumate. We selected this option because it worked best for our schedules. She does great on it and has not had a problem. During the winter, as horses stop cycling, she’s had no issues even when it’s not being administered, though our vet did recommend maintaining it year-round. The vet doesn’t believe this will prevent her from carrying a foal should someone want to.

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