The Gold’s Dun Something Right (Lucy)

Nicole Felt & Dallon Parks
Wellsville,  UT 84339


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Horse Details

Rocky Mountain

Logan, UT



Silver Grulla




Star, Strip, Snip, Sock RHL

Gaited, Trail, Mountain, Beginners, Trick, Liberty, Packing, Reining


Meet Lucy! A five-year-old registered Silver Grulla Rocky Mountain mare who is as sweet as they come. She has the most tender personality and just melts your heart. A people pleaser, through and through, she will very quickly put a smile on your face. She’s smart, athletic, and ready for her new home. She has been easy to train, ride, and get along with. With other horses, she is easygoing and very friendly.
She is sired by ACF’s Something Dun Right (aka “Joker”), who is known for throwing extremely good, minded foals with good dispositions, a sharp mind, and inheriting his exceptional gait, which is developed with time and maturity. Joker is known for speed racking at speeds up to 22mph! Lucy has shown that potential.
In the past three years, she has seen a wide variety of country and become an expert trail horse. There is no terrain too complex for this mare to navigate! She is very methodical about her foot placement and is a smooth ride. From the tops of the Rockies to low river bottoms, Lucy is an experienced mountain/trail horse and has taken many beginners on their first trail rides. Very quickly in her training, we recognized that she is a naturally safe horse who we trusted to carry anyone.
Lucy can be ridden bareback and bridleless or completely TACKLESS and listens to your seat. Her responsiveness is unmatched! All from the direction of your seat and leg aids, she will stop, back up, speed up, slow down, turn left, turn right, side-pass, spin, and yield her hindquarters and forequarters; no hands needed! She collects softly when riding in a bridle and will bend and counter-bend. You can ride her two-handed, one-handed, or with no hands.
Lucy is no stranger to the little things. She will ground tie or stand tied. You can pick up all four feet, load into and unload out of the trailer at liberty, bathe, braid her mane and tail, administer medication, check her teeth, check her temperature, blanket, and unblanket, lead (in hand or at liberty), saddle, and bridle, all with zero issues.
Like a golden retriever, Lucy has a kind heart, a keen mind, and is quick to learn new things. She is lovable but not pushy and has always respected our space. Her intelligence, kind nature, smooth gait, and incredible physique make her a dream. Top it all off with her unique color and narrow comfortable build, and you’ll have a hard time finding another one like her!
Lucy is best suited for an intermediate rider because of her high level of training and responsiveness.

*The buyer is expected to pay a $2000 deposit immediately following the end of the auction via Venmo or PayPal. The remaining balance is to be wire transferred by the end of the following business day. A boarding fee will ensue if the horse is not picked up within one week of the auction’s end. The buyer is responsible for the transportation of the horse.


Nicole Felt & Dallon Parks
Wellsville,  UT 84339


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Daughters Dream 09/18/2022 1:55 pm $15,500.00
t12246 09/18/2022 1:55 pm $15,300.00 Auto
t12246 09/18/2022 4:17 am $15,225.00
Daughters Dream 09/18/2022 4:13 am $15,025.00 Auto
t12246 09/18/2022 4:13 am $14,900.00
Daughters Dream 09/18/2022 4:12 am $14,600.00 Auto
t12246 09/18/2022 4:12 am $14,400.00
Daughters Dream 09/18/2022 4:07 am $14,102.00 Auto
Buckskin88 09/18/2022 4:07 am $13,902.00
Daughters Dream 09/17/2022 6:54 am $13,702.00 Auto
Buckskin88 09/17/2022 6:54 am $13,502.00
Daughters Dream 09/17/2022 6:40 am $13,302.00 Auto
Buckskin88 09/17/2022 6:40 am $13,102.00
Daughters Dream 09/17/2022 6:25 am $12,902.00 Auto
Buckskin88 09/17/2022 6:25 am $12,702.00
Daughters Dream 09/17/2022 4:27 am $12,502.00 Auto
Buckskin88 09/17/2022 4:27 am $12,302.00
Daughters Dream 09/17/2022 4:25 am $12,102.00 Auto
Buckskin88 09/17/2022 4:25 am $11,902.00
Daughters Dream 09/17/2022 4:21 am $11,702.00 Auto
Buckskin88 09/17/2022 4:21 am $11,502.00
Daughters Dream 09/17/2022 4:21 am $11,202.00 Auto
Buckskin88 09/17/2022 4:21 am $11,002.00
Daughters Dream 09/17/2022 4:19 am $10,802.00 Auto
Buckskin88 09/17/2022 4:19 am $10,602.00
Daughters Dream 09/17/2022 4:19 am $10,402.00 Auto
Buckskin88 09/17/2022 4:19 am $10,202.00
Daughters Dream 09/16/2022 9:54 am $10,002.00 Auto
TexFarm 09/16/2022 9:54 am $10,000.00
Daughters Dream 09/16/2022 9:42 am $9,600.00 Auto
terijohnson61 09/16/2022 9:42 am $9,400.00
Daughters Dream 09/16/2022 9:39 am $9,200.00 Auto
TexFarm 09/16/2022 9:39 am $9,000.00
Daughters Dream 09/16/2022 9:38 am $8,800.00 Auto
TexFarm 09/16/2022 9:38 am $8,600.00
Daughters Dream 09/16/2022 9:36 am $8,200.00 Auto
terijohnson61 09/16/2022 9:36 am $8,000.00
Daughters Dream 09/16/2022 8:14 am $7,400.00 Auto
Agerth 09/16/2022 8:14 am $7,200.00
Daughters Dream 09/16/2022 5:20 am $7,000.00 Auto
Brumby17 09/16/2022 5:20 am $6,800.00
Daughters Dream 09/15/2022 10:39 am $6,600.00 Auto
TexFarm 09/15/2022 10:39 am $6,400.00
Daughters Dream 09/15/2022 10:39 am $6,200.00 Auto
TexFarm 09/15/2022 10:39 am $6,000.00
Daughters Dream 09/15/2022 10:28 am $5,800.00
TexFarm 09/13/2022 10:54 am $5,600.00
Brumby17 09/13/2022 10:46 am $5,400.00
TexFarm 09/13/2022 5:44 am $5,200.00
Brynn.wangsgard 09/11/2022 5:40 am $5,000.00
TexFarm 09/11/2022 5:40 am $4,800.00 Auto
Brynn.wangsgard 09/11/2022 5:40 am $4,700.00
TexFarm 09/07/2022 9:19 am $4,500.00
Sale Started 09/04/2022 8:25 pm

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