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Friesian Sport Horse

Cochranville, PA







W/T/C, Moves off leg pressure, Sidepasses, Opens Gates, Moves Cattle, English, Western, Dressage/Ranch/Jumper Prospect


Lincoln is a five-year-old Friesian cross gelding. He stands at 16 hands and has a majestic jet-black coat, mane, and tail. Lincoln walk-trot-canters with ease and rides both Western and English.

He was extensively ridden on trails during his eight months in our training program. This includes running water, over diverse bridges, roads with farm equipment, and woods with no cleared path. Lincoln is an athletic horse with a huge trot and smooth canter. He responds well to leg pressure and easily rebalances to move laterally or side pass.

This horse is young, intelligent, and capable of becoming a dressage, jumper, or ranch horse. He is aware of the rider’s energy, which makes him easy to turn on and off. His youth, athleticism, and only recently being started make him best suited for an intermediate-advanced rider. However, he shows potential to work with kids once he gains more experience riding.

During Lincoln’s time with us, he lived both stalled up and in a field with six other geldings. He is always the first to greet you at the fence and eager to be caught.

We will miss his friendly greetings in the morning and curious face over the stall door. Everyone enjoys his playful encounters with the hose. Contact us for more information on his training foundation and unique personality.

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