JV Cowan

Dustyn Jackson
Laporte, CO 80535


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Laporte, CO



Bay Roan




Roaning all over

Ranch, Trails, Ropes, Doctors, Heads, Mounted Shooting, Sorting, Babysitter, Traffic Safe, Arena


Here is one you will be proud to call your own folks. Registered and Sun Frost on his papers. He is a finished ranch horse in every way possible, doctoring in the pasture, Trail rides the best, Pasture ropes, Heads, ropes at the brandings, sorts, open gates, and safe enough for the smallest of children. He is what we all strive to have. He lays down on command to mount. He is great with gunfire, loud noises, traffic, wildlife, and dogs, and leave him off as long as you want. He will be the same horse every ride. Rides bareback, western, and English. We’ve had three children on his back at a time bareback. He would be a Rockstar at the ranch versatility completions. He does excel at the ranch roping competitions. He is great at the open sortings and beginner classes (he knows the level rider on him).
Trail rides anywhere you desire, point and go. He’s seen it all: rivers, bridges, town, bicycles, joggers, strollers. Extremely sure-footed and have been in the roughest terrain, both ranching and trail riding. He is as easy a keeper as they come, hay only, and does not need any grain to stay healthy. He does barefoot or shoes, size two shoes if shod. Amazing for the farrier. He loads and unloads like they all should. Hauls well on long trips and eats and drinks, overnight to high lines, or hobbles. He is conformationally correct: big-boned, absolutely stunning bay roan, nice foot, short back, long belly like we all want, and a mind to match it. He is very handy in a bridle, neck reins, side pass, half passes, haunches in, haunches out, spins both ways, big stop, nice reverse, rollbacks, knows his leads, flying lead changes. He is very advanced with his age and how solid his mind is. The video has just about everything you could want to see. We are excited to see this gentleman find his new best friend. He will follow you anywhere and always come to you in the pasture. He stalls well and does well with everyone in the pasture. He has no vices. Truly an honest and special horse. We hope to make someone’s Christmas special. Thanks in advance from totonkatrailequine. We look forward to meeting everyone.

Feel free to call for any questions. We will return your calls or messages with a call. Delivery is available anywhere, including internationally. Payment is expected the next business day by noon via wire transfer.

Dustyn Jackson
Laporte, CO 80535

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